LadyBoss LEAN

- made specifically For Busy Women

Our award-winning shake is formulated specifically for women to help us busy ladies get the nutrients we need while pursuing our goals, building our careers, and supporting the people we love. LEAN helps us get all the protein and vitamins we need to help kick start our metabolism, curb cravings, boost our energy, and keep us feeling full. And it tastes delicious...Over 600,000 women drink and many tell us “It’s the best tasting shake I’ve ever had!”

It's the shake you've been wanting for years... So click to get the flavor you want most!

LadyBoss BARS

- A Protein Bar That Tastes Like Dessert

LadyBoss BARS are high in protein and fiber, low in sugar, and contain ZERO artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. They come in flavors that taste just like eating rich cake, homemade cookie dough, and fresh-off-the-spoon peanut butter. Perfect for anytime or anywhere when those crazy cravings hit!

Join the thousands of LadyBosses who take BARS with them wherever they go.


- Built To Support Your Busy Lifestyle

We provide great-tasting premium supplements formulated specifically for women that help support your health goals with your busy lifestyle in mind. Our mission here at LadyBoss is to help you make changes that will impact your health and the health of your entire family tree. We’ve done that by creating award-winning products that help you and your loved ones get the nutrients your bodies need.

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- Vitamins For You and Your Kiddos

The average American diet doesn’t give our bodies the full complement of vitamins it needs to operate at peak levels, so many physicians recommend active people supplement with daily multi-vitamins. But no one likes trying to swallow a bunch of horse-sized pills or capsules (especially not your little ones) every day.

That’s why LadyBoss Gummies were formulated to help you get all of the vitamins you need while making you feel like you’re munching down on your favorite gummy candy.

LadyBoss SWAG

- Apparel That Motivates You

Our SWAG apparel is made of premium, high quality materials and features quotes that motivate you to get up every day and fight for your goals.






If you want unique, hand-designed apparel that inspires you, grab your LadyBoss SWAG here.

Thrilled So Far, Going to Keep Going on Becoming my Own Lady Boss

“I have been so thrilled with everyone I have been in contact with at LadyBoss. They are real, encouraging and have beyond amazing customer service. I also love how they give you truth, real solutions, and actual support. I am using LadyBossLean 2 times a day and adding more exercise in to my routine. I love the Facebook support group(the women are real and I feel like I can share without being shamed or a size 2. I have had questions about products and they have been answered super quickly. I also am listening to Kaelin's book"Big, Fat Lies" and it is fabulous. It really speaks to me and has so much truth to offer.”

LEAN Testimonial
-Tiffany Alston Morse
I love lady boss lean because it is soo…

“love lady boss lean because it is soo yummy plus it helps with my craving for sweet thing .the Community is really nice and excepting.”

LEAN Testimonial
-Fawn Stuart
I am new to LadyBoss!

“I am new to LadyBoss but love it so far! Found LadyBoss when I was looking for a better tasting protein. This is the one!! Lean is AMAZING! Looking forward to the 28 Day Challenge. Squad #54! Let’s gooooo!”

LEAN Testimonial
-Frances Martin

“This is the first time I have ever tried this protein powder. It is out of this world 🌍. It really is so so good. I recommend it.”

LEAN Testimonial
-Sarah Welborn
I just recently put my first order in...

“I just recently put my first order in with Lady Boss almost 2 weeks ago! So far it’s been an amazing experience! I got my order within a week and started last thursday! 1. I absolutely LOVE the lady boss Lean!! The Shakes I’ve been making taste so good and fill me up for a while! And 2. I LOVE the community that comes along with joining Lady Boss Lean!!! I love hearing everyone's stories and they help motivate me through my own process!! Definitely excited to try more!”

LEAN Testimonial
-Nicolette Olsen

“Lady boss Lean supplement is everything that is claims to be. It really is delicious. It has so many wonderful ingredients to make up for our usual bad eating habits. LADY Boss Lean is my go to breakfast shake. Just add a teaspoon of peanut butter for a great dessert or snack and two cubes of ice. I have been able to lose 11lbs in just 2 weeks from these meal replacement shakes! I highly recommend!”

LEAN Testimonial
-Rebecca Holbrook Everett

“The taste of these shakes are the absolute best I have ever tasted. I drink 2 shakes a day ,and have lost 30 lbs. I throw a banana in and its like my favorite malt.”

LEAN Testimonial
-Sherri Mann
Ladyboss lifestyle is a game changer!

“Becoming a part of this Ladyboss group has been a life changer for me! I have lost over 30 lbs from 192 down to 160 thanks to the delicious Ladyboss lean shakes!! I have never liked one as much as I do these! I love the support group and the coaches are so amazing ! Plus the personal trainer app is a great way to continue to be successful! Thank you Ladyboss for being so kind and helpful!!! Now to lose the last 20 to get to my goal!!!”

LEAN Testimonial
-Tara Wichtowksi
Ladyboss lifestyle is a game changer!

“Delicious! Out of all the shakes I’ve tried before Ladyboss lean is by far the best I’ve ever had! And blends so well not chunky or chalky .”

LEAN Testimonial
-Ashley Lawrence
The vanilla lean shake mix tastes…

“The vanilla lean shake mix tastes amazing and the vitamins gave me energy for the next day! I loved waking up not being groggy! And the rest pills are amazing and I slept so great! Can't wait to try the greens and more!!!”

LEAN Testimonial
-Devona Kandoll
Wow! Flavor Birthday Cake

“When the flavor says Birthday cake, it actually tastes like Birthday cake with frosting! My taste buds are tricked! I actually love this protein powder. It has been hard for me to find one til this brand. Lady Boss protein powder is creamy and tasty!”

LEAN Testimonial
-Martiel Hay
By far best protein!

“By far the best protein I have ever tried! Usually you get the chalky aftertaste, with this there was none! It's sweet enough to curb that sweet tooth and perfect to drink with just water if that's all you got.”

LEAN Testimonial
-Samantha Terrazas
I love LadyBoss lean I have been….

“I love LadyBoss lean. I have been drinking my smoothies every morning before going to work at amazon for the last year. I love all the flavors. Make me feel amazing. The best protein powder I have taken. Thank you LadyBoss”

LEAN Testimonial
-Vanessa Yost
I really love the LadyBoss Lean

“I really love the LadyBoss Lean. It tastes great by itself or you can add different things to change it up. It is also great to bake with or mix with your overnight oats.”

LEAN Testimonial
I love love love this shake

“I love love love this shake. I never get tired of it! Everyday I can create new flavors and get everything I need. It is a MUST buy!”

LEAN Testimonial
-Bridget Welch
It tastes amazing

“It tastes amazing! It smells and tastes just like vanilla cake I'm in love with this product!”

LEAN Testimonial
-Andrea Reisner
LEAN is amazing!!!!

“LEAN is amazing!!!!! I have tried so many different protein powders, and NOTHING is a good as LEAN!!! I am down 70lbs since becoming a Ladyboss almost 2 years ago!!! Take the leap, it is so worth it!!!!”

LEAN Testimonial
-Laura Ledford
LadyBoss Lean is delicious!

“LadyBoss Lean is delicious and I really like that it blends well even without a blender. This is the best protein drink I’ve ever used and it’s made just for women, what else could you ask for? I also like the flavor drops even though I don’t understand why it’s a one time only thing. LadyBoss Is the way to go!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

LEAN Testimonial
Angels dance on your tongue!

“The taste is perfectly delicious! Not chalky! It seriously tastes like a smoothie! Add some fruit and its heaven!!!”

LEAN Testimonial
Absolutely love lady boss

“I have been on lady boss for 3.5 months and have lost 32 lbs. I love the taste and I usually add peanut butter and a 1/2 banana to it.”

LEAN Testimonial
-Darlene Butts
Tasty and Pricey

“Lady Boss will be my forever shake. The taste is just beyond amazing. The customer service is helpful and I have never had an issue with delivery or refunds when needed. The ONLY issue I have with Lady Boss is the pricing. I would buy so much more for less. Over 80$ for 2 bags is just so pricey and unfortunately I don’t recommend it to as many people as I would love to be why hook someone on something and it’s not affordable. That’s the hard part. All my friends love my shakes and cookies and then go phew there’s no way we can afford that.”

LEAN Testimonial
-Jane Marie
Pretty Good. Losing Weight.

“I have had this for about 3 weeks now. It’s pretty tasty. I think it tastes more like a vanilla milkshake than cake. I don’t typically like vanilla but this is good. I made the peanut butter “cookie dough” recipe with it. Those were really good! I also got protein coffee recently so I alternate between LadyBoss (which also has vitamins) and the MR Coffee during the day, depending on if I want more of a meal/snack or just a drink. I’ve been working out again this month and have lost some weight and toned up. I’m not sure if I’d buy this regular flavor again, but I’d definitely try one of the ‘Limited Time’ one. I was bummed I missed the double chocolate. I wish there was a chocolate one all the time as a regular flavor!”

LEAN Testimonial
-Angela Cain Reed
This is right up there with Herbalife....

“This is right up there with Herbalife cookies and cream shakes. I think it does better at filling you up and has more vitamins and essentials for women than all other shakes. I enjoy how versatile it is to make other shakes than just the plain vanilla cake shake.”

LEAN Testimonial
EDIT: Great Product/Customer Service Trying

“EDIT: I am changing my review to 4 stars. I still believe LadyBoss is the best tasting protein powder on the market, and I love that includes so many vitamins. I am changing my rating from 1 star to 4 stars because customer service did work to remedy the situation. I do wish LadyBoss products could be delivered at a faster pace, but I do appreciate customer service making an effort. If you haven’t tried LEAN/are thinking about ordering LadyBoss products, I very much recommend that you go forward with the purchase. The products and Facebook group has made a huge impact on my life. I am proud to be a LadyBoss and think this program can help so many women out there.”

LEAN Testimonial

“Just wish you could buy different flavors when you have to buy 6 of lady boss lean instead of the same flavor in all bags at once. The flavors are great and I do believe it's the best. Thank you.”

LEAN Testimonial
-Sharon Ragsdale