LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge, Our Weight Loss & Lifestyle Transformation Program

Kaelin Tuell Poulin, LadyBoss Co-Founder, Weight Loss Expert, Best Selling Author

Kaelin Tuell Poulin is an award-winning fitness professional, best selling author, and weight loss expert who personally lost 65 pounds in 7 months. The founder of The LadyBoss Movement, her LadyBoss Formula has helped tens of thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge is our lifestyle transformation system that educates in weight loss, healthy diet, and more.

The LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge is for every woman.  

LadyBoss founder Kaelin Poulin and her team of expert coaches designed the LIVE 28 Day Challenge to educate you and motivate you to lose weight, eat healthy, exercise, and overcome the day-to-day obstacles.  

We consider the LIVE 28 Day Challenge a bridge to the LadyBoss Lifestyle, which is why we like to call it the “Lose Weight and Love Yourself Challenge.” 

The LIVE 28 Day Challenge walks you through the 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle: State, Substance, Shape, and Sparkle.  Through each dimension, you have all the tools needed to help you build the foundation you need. 

So whether you need a kickstart on your journey to health and weight loss or help to get your journey back on track, the  LIVE 28 Day Challenge is for you.

The LIVE 28 Day Challenge is not just another opportunity to lose weight.  It is an opportunity to change the trajectory of your life for the better in a lasting way.

If you begin the LIVE 28 Day Challenge journey and see it all the way through, your life will never be the same again.  You’ll become a woman of action and dedication, even on the days you don’t feel like it.

If you feel it’s time for a change, then it’s time for the Challenge. 

What is the LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge? 

The LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge is a weight loss challenge that provides you with a step-by-step guide to a healthy diet, exercise, and daily access to the certified LadyBoss Personal Results Coaches.

The LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge helps women on their journey to achieving the LadyBoss Lifestyle.  It provides everything you need to lose weight and become confident with fitness and exercise. 

As mentioned, the LIVE 28 Day Challenge walks you through each of the 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle.  There will be a mission every week. Its purpose is to fulfill the 4 Dimensions of State, Substance, Shape, and Sparkle.   

The LIVE 28 Day Challenge is also an excellent opportunity to interact with our Personal Results Coaching team!  Kaelin and our coaches lead each group through live videos where they will answer any questions you might have.

Included is your personal LIVE 28 Day Challenge Workbook & Roadmap.  The workbook has all your daily actions, meals, workouts, and any further information needed for the challenge.  

The 28 Day LIVE Challenge is about the power as a group and the support received from that group.  So if you have a girlfriend, sister, mother, or co-worker who is not part of LadyBoss, they can still participate in the LIVE 28 Day Challenge with you!

You’ve genuinely got nothing to lose but weight.  

What Does LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Include?

The LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge includes the Challenge Playbook & Roadmap, daily live videos with our coaches and LadyBoss founder Kaelin Poulin, and access to the private LIVE Challenge Squad group.

There is a lot included in the package when you sign up for the LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge.

We already mentioned the Challenge Playbook & Roadmap, so let’s start there.  The LIVE 28 Day Challenge Playbook & Roadmap will contain everything you need to get you through the process.

You receive daily live videos with Kaelin and our certified LadyBoss Personal Result Coaches.  Not only will you get motivation from the videos, but you will have the opportunity to ask the coaches any questions you have that come up while on the program.

When you join the LIVE 28 Day Challenge, you also become a LIVE 28 Day Challenge Squad Private Accountability Group member.  The accountability group is separate from all other LadyBoss groups, designated for women participating in the same LIVE 28 Day Challenge as you.

This squad group is where you post questions, pictures, offer support, and help all the other women on the challenge. 

As a bonus, you will receive a copy of the Big Fat Lies audiobookBig Fat Lies by LadyBoss founder, Kaelin Poulin, chronicles her 65-pound weight loss journey. 

At the end of the challenge, the group votes on who they feel had the most significant transformation based on pictures and metrics.  Once selected, they receive the grand champion prize as the LIVE 28 Day Challenge winner!

What is the LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge Step-by-Step Challenge Playbook & Roadmap?

We aim for the LIVE 28 Day Challenge to contain no complicated plans.  We want it to be as simple as possible to follow while still challenging you. When things become too cumbersome or drastic, you are more likely to quit, so we designed the program to avoid that. 

Broken down by the 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle, the Challenge Playbook and Roadmap is 103 pages and guides you through the entire LIVE 28 Day Challenge. It contains your complete workout plan, meal plan, and a place to write your power statements and metrics.  

Both the meal and workout plans contain no boring checklist and no hard to understand guidelines.  Each plan offers easy step-by-step, day-by-day clear and concise guidelines, so it is easy for you to follow.  

The workout plans are curated where no equipment is needed, so you don’t have to join a gym!  Everything can be done in the comfort of your own home, including the AfterBurn At-Home Workouts.  

AfterBurn is our specially designed HIIT (high-intensity interval training) circuit.  You must complete each challenge level of AfterBurn fully before you can progress to the next.  

Don’t worry if you’re just starting to work out; all the programs and AfterBurn cater to different skill levels.  Beginners and those more experienced in exercise are able to participate.  

The Challenge Playbook & Roadmap, along with your exercise and meal plans, will also serve as your journal.  You will be addressing any emotions and thought patterns that may be holding you back. 

You’ll be completing a personal power statement at the beginning of the challenge.  Power statements are valuable in that they work like affirmations, speaking the truth into reality.  

With your power statement, you will tackle any limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits.  You will write in a new set of healthy rules for your life, and as the challenge progresses, implement those new rules into life.

What Exactly Are The 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle?

The 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle is the basis of the LIVE 28 Day Challenge.  Every week the Challenge Workbook & Roadmap walks you through the 4 Dimensions of State, Substance, Shape, and Sparkle.

The LIVE 28 Day Challenge is broken down each week by State, Substance, Shape, and Sparkle, the 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle.

State is the condition in which you live.  Do you always live stressed and overwhelmed, or are you more hopeful and joyous?

This part of the challenge helps you design your ideal state and keep control over it.  With two daily actions, you will learn how to have personal power over your state and not leave it to environmental influence.  

Substance is what you are made of; what do you feed your body regularly?  Does your substance consist of french fries, soda, sweets, or alcohol? 

The playbook details daily actions to help you secure a much healthier substance.  With simple, realistic meals, the challenge encourages your overall substance to become energized and nourished. 

Shape is all about your body because you only get one in this life!  What shape is your body in; how do you treat it? 

The LIVE 28 Day Challenge helps you implement actions into your daily routine that encourage health and wellness.  The level of quality in which you treat your body is equivalent to the energy and shape you will get out of it. 

Sparkle is when you learn to release your inner light and shine it out into the world. How are you spreading sparkle to others?

Sparkle is the idea that you only can release your light into the world when you are helping and inspiring other people.  Finding your sparkle is about going outside yourself and helping those around you, sending your sparkle into the world. 

What is the LIVE 28 Day Challenge Complete Meal Plan?

The LIVE 28 Day Challenge complete meal plan is about delicious recipes that fit the LadyBoss Lifestyle and are easy to make.  The meal plan’s goal is to aid in weight loss with a balance of good carbohydrates, healthy fats, and high protein. 

We know that when you try to eat healthily and lose weight, sometimes it can get costly and even complicated. That is why you are provided with a grocery list to make shopping easy, and every recipe consists of inexpensive ingredients.  

Meals can be made as a single meal or as a family meal so you can share the journey with your family.  Everything we put on the meal plan is delicious, so we know your family will love it!

Some of our meal plan favorites include a hearty portabella pizza, the delicious peach cobbler oatmeal, and the sweetly satisfying banana split breakfast.  

Once you dive into the meal plan, you will soon realize that eating healthy does not mean “bland” and “tasteless.”  The meal plan is all about flavor and the enjoyment of what you eat while still being healthy. 

What About the Daily LIVE Weight Loss Coaching?

The Daily LIVE Weight Loss Coaching is your opportunity to interact with certified weight-loss experts and get your questions answered!  The LadyBoss live coaching is there to support you during the challenge.

As you progress through your Challenge Playbook, each coach will help by outlining weight-loss strategies and tactics.  They also offer assistance with any exercise routines, with emphasis on proper form and breathing techniques.

The Daily LIVE Weight Loss Coaching also serves to hold you accountable.  The coaches will not offer hold-you-by-the-hand help; they aim to educate you, so you feel empowered through the challenge and beyond.

The live coaching is not a lifeline in the challenge.  The coaches work to assist, educate, and empower you to keep you on track as you progress through the 28 days. 

How does the LIVE 28 Day Challenge Squad Private Accountability Group Work?

We know that support is everything.  That is why we created the LIVE 28 Day Challenge Squad Group, which is a private accountability group.  

It is a Facebook virtual accountability group of women who are on the same journey that you are.  It is also where you can interact with Kaelin’s coaching staff and partake in the workbook assignments.  

The LIVE 28 Day Challenge Squad Private Accountability Group helps you reach your weight loss goals while getting support from other LadyBosses.  The goal is always to feel that others are with you, supporting you and encouraging your journey during the LIVE 28 Day Challenge.

And remember that the support goes both ways.  Just as other women will be supporting you and your journey, you will be offering support to them. 

Can I Invite My Friends to Join the LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge even if They Aren’t LadyBosses?

As we mentioned before, the LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge is open for any woman!  You or anyone else is not required to be a part of the LadyBoss community prior to joining the LIVE 28 Day Challenge.  

We are all about fellow ladies helping each other kick start or reboot a weight loss journey.  Some ladies even like to make it a competition between each other to see who has the greatest transformation!  

Having friends or family joining you for the LIVE 28 Day Challenge can make it less intimidating, more engaging, and overall more fun. You all can help hold each other accountable and stay motivated while trying to lose weight and get healthier together.

So invite your girlfriends, sister, mom, or any other special ladies in your life to join you in the challenge.  A journey is always easier when you’ve got friends and loved ones next to you on the path. 

What is the Big Fat Lies Audiobook About?

A bonus of joining the LIVE 28 Day Challenge is receiving the audiobook of Big Fat Lies by LadyBoss founder Kaelin Poulin.  

In Big Fat Lies, Kaelin breaks down the truth about weight loss.  She covers the struggle of losing weight only to gain the weight back and how she overcame the energy-draining cycle.  

Poulin’s story also looks at weight loss fads and debunks the myths surrounding diet and the weight loss industry. The lessons that Kaelin shares in Big Fat Lies lay the foundation of the LadyBoss Lifestyle

Big Fat Lies reveals Kaelin’s struggle and victory and how she took that victory and built the powerful LadyBoss Community.  A community that you become a part of when you are partaking in the LIVE 28 Day Challenge. 

The book hit #1 on Barnes & Noble’s Best Seller List as well as Amazon’s Best Seller List in several categories.

What is a LIVE 28 Day Challenge Challenge Champion and Cash Prize?

Every LIVE 28 Day Challenge has a Challenge Champion.  As previously mentioned, after the 28 Days is over, the LIVE 28 Day Challenge Squad votes for a champion.

To be a champion, you must record your daily posts, including metrics and photos of your progress within the Facebook group.  Possibly being a champion is where your full participation will pay off.  

Submitting your story, your progress, your struggles, and your ability to overcome those challenges elevate you to champ statusMembers vote on their favorite story, so the more you share, the more other women relate, and your story possibly becomes the favorite.

To reach elite champ status and claim the title of “Challenge Champion,” you will submit final checkpoint requirements, after which the voting will take place.  

Once the accountability group votes, the winner is posted on the Facebook community page

Along with the recognition of being the Challenge Champion and receiving a certificate, you will also win the grand cash prize of $1,000!

That’s right. If you are voted Challenge Champion at the end of your LIVE 28 Day Challenge, you will win a $1,000 cash prize

The LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge encourages you not to be afraid to try a new journey, take on a challenge, and open up about your story that may inspire the world. 

You never know when that story just might become a community favorite and make you the next Challenge Champion.  

How Much Does the LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Cost?

There are many great things about the LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge; the Daily Dose coaching videos, the meal and workout plans, and the Challenge Workbook & Roadmap.  

Yet, the ever so popular question with anything is always going to be, “How much does it all cost?”  The LIVE 28 Day Challenge has a value of $1,068; however, you only pay $19.  

Seriously, the cost of LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge is only $19.  Even better, it comes with LadyBoss’s money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.  

As with everything LadyBoss, we are all about satisfaction guaranteed, even on a tiny investment.  You either get results or get your money back.

What Do I Do After The 28 Days?

The mission of LadyBoss and the LIVE 28 Day Challenge is to help you establish a foundation to live the LadyBoss Lifestyle successfully.

Once you finish the LIVE 28 Day Challenge, you will embark on the Four Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle personally.  Use the Challenge Roadmap to keep yourself on track by checking in on how you’re doing with State, Substance, Shape, and Sparkle.  

After the challenge is over, you join the large community Facebook group where you can continue to support, encourage, and get support from fellow LadyBoss women.

In short, after the 28 days are over, you are an official LadyBoss. It’s time to sparkle.

The LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge: Lose Weight, Love Yourself, and Sparkle!

The LadyBoss LIVE 28 Day Challenge is not just about weight loss. The LIVE Challenge is an entire lifestyle transformation system designed to help you live a happier and healthier life.

The challenge’s goal is to educate and empower women with exercise, a healthy diet, and healthier thought patterns.  Because no matter how much dedication you put into changing your lifestyle, if your negative thoughts don’t change, nothing will.

Based on the 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle, the LIVE 28 Day Challenge helps you lay a foundation for maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  We at LadyBoss do not believe in a quick fix. We believe in permanent change for the better.

We always want you to feel supported and surround yourself with ladies just like you, who understand your struggles and obstacles.  With the private Squad group, you join a squad of women who will look to each other for motivation, inspiration, and empowerment.  

That empowerment is what you bring to the group, even if you do not know it.  You have a unique sparkle within. You just need to know how to let it shine.  

Yes, the LIVE 28 Day Challenge helps you lose weight and feel great, but it will always be about more than that.  It is about helping you, and other women like you, find that inner sparkle and help it shine out into the world. 

Remember, a diamond only sparkles because it reflects the light that shines into it.  By the end of the LIVE 28 Day Challenge, you will realize that you are a diamond.

And my dear bright, beautiful diamond, we need your sparkle in this world.  



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