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Did you just join a gym but have no idea where to begin? We’ve got you covered with our expert tips for exercise at the gym. We have compiled our favorite beginner exercises and exercise tips to help you get started! If you are looking to get started at home, then we have plenty of beginner exercises at-home options where all you need is you and your fabulous body. No matter what your story is, LadyBoss has an abundance of exercises and exercise tips for beginners.  Remember, every journey begins with the first step, and we’re with you for every step of the way. 

10 Best Leg Exercises for Women

We’re here to take the dread out of leg day and set you on the course to get those more muscular, leaner legs! We’ve put together the best leg workouts for women just like you. No more fearing leg day, it’s time to embrace doing full-body exercise. 

Game on, Leg Day! 

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