Collagen For Hair

Kaelin Tuell Poulin, LadyBoss Co-Founder, Weight Loss Expert, Best Selling Author

Kaelin Tuell Poulin is an award-winning fitness professional, best selling author, and weight loss expert who personally lost 65 pounds in 7 months. The founder of The LadyBoss Movement, her LadyBoss Formula has helped tens of thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

Both men and women can benefit from using LadyBoss GLOW ® collagen for hair, skin, and nail health.  

But the effects of collagen on hair health is one of the main reasons for using a collagen supplement, especially among women. Taking collagen for hair growth can help hair become stronger, thicker, and even support retaining hair color as we age. 

But what is the actual importance of collagen to the hair?  What role does collagen play in maintaining hair health? 

If you are struggling with maintaining healthy hair and wondering about the benefits of collagen for hair, here are the three main reasons you should give the LadyBoss GLOW collagen supplement a try.  

Collagen Provides Important Amino Acids

Our hair and nails are composed of the same protein called keratin, which comprises several amino acids.  While kreatin is vital to the health of our hair, collagen is an integral part of how our bodies create it.  Our bodies break down the proteins from collagen into amino acids that get reconstructed into new proteins such as keratin.

The structure of collagen is made of three non-essential amino acids: proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. One of the main components of keratin is proline. Consuming collagen peptides rich in proline provides your body with the building blocks it needs to create stronger, healthier hair.

Collagen Stops Thinning Hair

Several possible factors contribute to thinning hair.  Stress and poor nutrition are significant factors, but it is often on account of age.  As we age, our natural collagen levels begin to deplete.  

The middle layer of our skin, known as the dermis, is where the root of each strand of hair grows.  The dermis is also composed of 70% collagen.  So as we age and the collagen within our dermis depletes, our hair begins to die and thin out. 

That is why taking a collagen supplement can maintain a healthy dermis, which, as a result, helps prevent and reverse hair thinning.  

Retaining Hair Color As We Age 

Collagen can do more than just make our hair healthy and robust; it can also help us retain our natural hair color for longer.   Our hair’s graying process is natural, and while rocking your gray hair can be glamorous, you may not have to go gray so quickly if you don’t want to.

While the graying process of hair as we age is partly related to genetics, free radical damage to cells that produce hair can also be a factor.  Without enough antioxidants to fight off free-radicals, the melanin pigment that provides our hair’s color begins to become damaged and die.  

Collagen has been shown in numerous studies to help fight off free radicals’ effects within the body.  Therefore, taking a collagen supplement can help reduce the impact of free radical damage to your hair.  Collagen can help prevent premature graying and even slow the effects of age-related graying.

If It’s Good For Your Hair, It’s Good For You

Taking a collagen supplement can benefit your hair in a variety of ways. From keeping it looking thicker and fuller to helping prevent premature graying.  

Besides helping keep your hair looking great, collagen is also extremely beneficial for many other health areas. In fact, along with gaining stronger nails and more youthful-looking skin, collagen can also help reduce joint and muscle pain!  

So with all the positives that collagen does for the body and no known side-effects, why not add a collagen supplement to your daily regimen?  You and your hair deserve to have a healthy, radiant glow.



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