The 14 Day Rainbow Detox

Coach Stefanie, BS, ISSA, NASM

Stefanie Poulin has been married for 20 years, is a mother of four and has two sweet grandchildren. She is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the International Sports Sciences Association as a personal trainer. Stefanie has a bachelor of science degree dental hygiene and nutrition. She is a previous gym owner and group fitness instructor with more than 29 years of experience in the health, nutrition, and fitness industry. Stefanie is an expert at finding creative solutions to any excuse!
rainbow detox

Hit a weight-loss plateau or are struggling with headaches, sugar cravings, low energy or brain fog? The solution might be as simple as a 14 day detox.

If you’re nervous about trying a detox, or if you’ve done one before and couldn’t stand it, don’t worry. The 14 Day Rainbow Detox Program, created by LadyBossⓇ founder Kaelin Tuell Poulin with the help of her team of professional weight-loss coaches, lets you tap into the natural power of some of your favorite foods to eliminate toxins and waste and replace them with healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

Completing the detox or cleanse will help jumpstart your weight loss, reduce bloating and water weight, and help you get more restful sleep.

Best of all, it’s easy – and tasty! If you’re wondering how to detox your body, just replace one meal a day with an easy-to-make colorful rainbow detox shake.

Plan your goalsSteps to success

  1. Clean out your fridge and pantry. This is a great time to throw away expired foods and make room for healthier options. It’ll also give you a chance to put any foods your family can’t (or won’t) live without in a spot where you won’t be tempted by them.
  2. Plan ahead. Take a look at your calendar and plot what meals you’ll replace with a healthy shake, so it fits your lifestyle. Buy your supplies, and when you get home, wash your fruits and vegetables before you put them away. Really want to make the process easier? Go ahead and put the ingredients for each smoothie in a separate baggie, so it’s ready when you need it.  
  3. Take your mind off food. Get out of the kitchen and spend more time doing other activities you enjoy, like walking or reading. Or experiment with a new hobby.
  4. Drink lots of water. Try to drink a gallon of water a day. Not only will all that fluid help clear out toxins, but it also will keep your body hydrated and working at its full potential. Drinking water also helps eliminate your desire for sugary drinks and keeps you satisfied.
  5. Drink green tea. A cup of green tea either in the morning or evening, helps stabilize glucose levels.
  6. Use LadyBossⓇ LEAN or a high-quality protein (minimum 15 g of protein, less than 4 g of sugar, 1 g of fat or less, and at least 2 g of fiber). Eating high-quality protein helps make you feel full. And the added digestive enzymes help regulate hormones, increase the absorption of nutrients, and support your digestive system.

Eat colorfulyEat colorfully 

This is a perfect opportunity to expand your palate and try some new flavors that provide nutritional cleansing. Different colored foods offer various health benefits. Plus, eating raw fruits and veggies creates a natural detox by providing the fiber that will help clean your digestive system.

Red: Raspberries and strawberries are high in vitamin C, folate, flavonoids, and lycopene. They also carry antioxidant properties and reduce inflammation.  

Orange: Oranges provide immune support and are high in vitamin C and beta-carotene. 

Yellow: Pineapples, bananas, and ginger promote cell regrowth and eye health.

Green: Leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, romaine, and cilantro, plus avocados, cucumber, and hemp seeds help detoxify your body and increase energy and vitality. They also are excellent sources of vitamin K, folic acid, and potassium.

Blue: Blueberries help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancers while supporting healthy blood pressure. They also are high in antioxidants.  

Purple: Beets, blackberries, and chia seeds help reduce the risk of blood clots while supporting healthy blood pressure and improving heart health.

White: Cinnamon, flax seeds, coconut, and raw cacao help fight inflammation and regulate blood sugar. They also are high in beta-carotene and Omega 3s.  

Healthy replacementsAxe the sugar

Too much sugar isn’t good for you. In addition to contributing to weight gain, it also can cause blood glucose level spikes that affect your energy level and mood.

During the 14 Day Rainbow Detox, limit your daily sugar intake to 25 g (or 6 teaspoons) in addition to your shake.

 Cutting back on sugar is easier than you think. Try these strategies:

  1. Cut in half the amount of sugar you put in your coffee or tea or sprinkle on your cereal or oatmeal.
  2. Use fresh or dried fruit instead of sugar to sweeten cereal or oatmeal.
  3. Replace sugary drinks with water. Try sparkling water if you like the fizz of a soda. Or add fruit slices to flat water for a flavor boost.
  4. Read food labels to spot added sugars.
  5. Add LadyBoss LEAN as a sugar substitute. You can use for baking or sweeten your oatmeal, cereal, plain yogurt, or coffee.
  6. Swap extracts like vanilla, almond, or orange for sugar in recipes. Or you can replace sugar with an equal amount of unsweetened applesauce.

Clean eatingWhat to expect

During a detox, it’s perfectly normal to experience some side effects when you change your diet. For the first few days, you might feel like you’re operating at a slower speed or feel like you’re “less than normal.” That’s simply a function of toxin dumping.

During a nutritional cleansing, your body eliminates heavy metals, contaminants, and allergens through the skin, colon, liver, kidneys, and other eliminating organs.

Potential side effects include: 

  1. Skin or acne breakouts.
  2. Headaches behind the eyes or at the temples. These headaches are similar to those you might experience during caffeine withdrawal.
  3. Mental fogginess.
  4. Moodiness.
  5. Difficulty sleeping.
  6. Gas, bloating, and an increased number of bowel movements. With the added fiber from your healthy daily shakes, your body will work to remove waste more quickly.

The good news is these symptoms don’t last long (maybe two to seven days), and they’re a sign the detox is working to remove toxins from your body. 

Benefits of detoxEnjoy the benefits

While the side effects may cause some temporary discomfort, stay focused on the prize at the end of the rainbow.

 In addition to jumpstarting weight loss or just getting back on track, a detox also gives you:

  1. A surge of energy.
  2. Increased focus and mental clarity.
  3. Better sleep.
  4. A cleaner digestive system.
  5. Less bloating, water weight, and puffiness.

Why wait? Start your 14 Day Rainbow Detox today.



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