Boss Up Action Shaker

At the mall and craving a pretzel? Use your Action Shaker to have a LEAN shake instead. At the park with your kids when the ice cream truck comes around? Mix up some deliciously sweet GREENS to satisfy the sweet craving instead. At work when the afternoon slump hits? Mix water and a half a scoop of FUEL for a quick pick-me-up to get through the day. No leak lid, BPA & DEHP free and dishwasher safe. Cyclone technology for easy and clump-free mixing. Mix and match the parts from other editions of the LadyBoss Action Shaker to create custom and one of a kind designs! Proclaim and step into your ladyboss identity to commit and succeed in your goals.


LadyBoss is a premium nutrition company that provides high quality weight loss supplements formulated specifically for women. We have the highest standards and quality practices, from the raw materials we use to formulation and manufacturing, each and every active ingredient we provide is selected based upon scientific research and study. LEAN GREENS BURN FUEL RECOVER […]

Baked Apple Pie LEAN

A Quick Way To Get The Protein AND Vitamins Your Body Needs! An Ultra-Premium, All-In-One Nutritional Meal Shake Powered By Science and Formulated Specifically For Women. FLAVOR DROP WARNING: We made a one time limited production run of this new flavor. Once all stock is gone, this flavor will never be available again for purchase!​ […]

Achiever Action Shakers

LadyBoss Action Shakers are the easiest way to make sure you ACTUALLY use all of your new LadyBoss Supplements! After all, they won’t work unless you take them! Make this an anchor in your LadyBoss arsenal and never forget to take your Supplements again! Forget the mess of spiral metal balls that get tangled up in your drawer. Ditch the loud and disruptive mixing that traditional shaker bottles offer. With patented Cyclone Technology, you can safely mix your supplements with your favorite beverage completely clump (and worry) free. No leak lid, BPA & DEHP free and dishwasher safe. A secure and convenient way to take your supplements with you and overcome temptation even when you’re not home.


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