In This Video, Kaelin Poulin, #1 Best Selling Weight Loss Author, Celebrity Health Expert, And Fitness World Record Holder Reveals Her 3 Dirty Little Weight Loss Secrets

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In This Video You Will Learn...
1. How Kaelin Lost 65 Pounds WITHOUT Counting Calories, Starving Herself, Or Even "Dieting"
2. How You Can Lose Weight (and keep it off) WITHOUT Giving Up The Foods You Love And Eating Salad For The Rest Of Your Life
3. The Simple Yet Obvious Exercise Secret Crucial To Fatloss That Men Use All The Time But For Some Reason Women Fail To Take Advantage Of
Kaelin Tuell Poulin
An award-winning fitness professional, best selling author, and weight loss expert who personally went through a 65 pound weight loss transformation. She has been featured by ABC, NBC, and CBS across the country. Kaelin is a regular contributor to TODAY, BuzzFeed, PopSugar, Pop Culture, and Oxygen.
In This Video You Will Learn...
1. How Kaelin Lost 65 Pounds WITHOUT Counting Calories, Starving Herself, Or Even "Dieting"

2. How You Can Lose Weight (and keep it off) WITHOUT Giving Up The Foods You Love And Eating Salad For The Rest Of Your Life
3. The Simple Yet Obvious Exercise Secret Crucial To Fatloss That Men Use All The Time But For Some Reason Women Fail To Take Advantage Of
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28-Day Challenge Roadmap
Each day of the 28-Day Challenge, you’ll be given specific actions to complete that align with your Mission for that week. 

The Roadmap is your cheat sheet that you can lay out or post on a wall… 
In addition to your Daily COACH, this will be your in-home 28-day Roadmap to guide you through the entire LIVE Challenge. 

The Roadmap will help you:
  •  See the “big picture” for what you’ll accomplish over the 28 days
  •  Get a day-by-day glimpse of what you'll learn 
  •  Track your points each day and stay accountable
  •  Not let your weight hold you back anymore 
Daily Group Challenge Coach
Imagine having one of our Double Certified EXPERT LadyBoss Results Coaches walk you through what you need to do and focus on each and every day for the 28 days…

Our current coaching staff of 15+ (we are always growing!) LadyBoss Coaches are double-certified in all areas of fitness, nutrition, and even LadyBoss's own Certification Program. But most importantly, they embody what it means to be a LadyBoss and live it themselves, each having been through their own weight loss journey and transformation. There is no one on the planet better to learn from especially if you are tired of the diet roller coaster.

Each day of the challenge (Day 1 through Day 28), you’ll hop onto a LIVE STREAM called the "Daily Dose" where your coach will deliver hand picked tips, strategies, and tactics specific to your current challenge mission, helping you to have more energy every step of the way.

By the end of your LIVE Daily Dose Stream, you’ll have your questions answered, and you’ll know EXACTLY what you need to do that day to accelerate your success! 
LIVE LadyBoss Private Challenge Group
  •  28-Day LIVE LadyBoss Private Challenge Group - Everybody joins and starts at the same time with you on the same journey as you!
  •  Real-time support and accountability from our entire Coaching Staff, plus other like-minded women who are going through the LIVE Challenge with you!
  •  Lifelong Ladyboss Sisterhood so you can develop relationships with incredible like minded women all over the world. 
Have you struggled in the past to follow through on the commitments that you make to yourself?

You can have the best food plan mapped out that tells you exactly what to eat… 

And you can have the best workout plan that I’ve created for you...

But, if you have no strong accountability system, chances are, your results will still be ZERO... And I can't let that happen. 

Accountability is the MULTIPLIER of results! It's the secret that helps you finally get out of your own head and finally make this happen. 

The LadyBoss Formula For Success: (Fitness+Nutrition) x Accountability = Results

This group is designed to give you equal parts support, while having a community of sisters and Certified Coaches who will “hold your feet to the fire”, check in with you, and make you STAY accountable (in a way that your friends and family can’t…)

No going back to the old you and letting fear control you. It's time to fit into smaller jeans already!
28-Day Challenge Playbook 
I made a visual PLAYBOOK of how to play (and win) the 28-Day Challenge!

Every page in this playbook is strategically designed to help you EXECUTE the 28 day game plan, and get maximum results (inside and out) each week so you are left with massive breakthroughs, "ah-ha" moments, and life changing shifts that will lead you to your dream body, your dream weight, and your dream life. 

Your Challenge Playbook will teach you:
  •  How to achieve MORE weight loss success for your health and body in just 28 days than most women attain all year! It's time to be the REAL YOU that you were created to be.  
  •  A simple ROUTINE for adding each of “The 4” Dimensions of being a LadyBoss into your day ( you can finally stop worrying about your weight and feel comfortable in your clothes like you deserve!)
What is "The 4"?
The 4 Proprietary LadyBoss Dimensions that create massive sustained weight loss success through simple and practical application. Each week of the LIVE Challenge you will focus on one dimension of The 4. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin, The 4 was created to make that happen.
  •  STATE - This is the condition you live in. Do you live in a stressed, overwhelmed, anxious state? Or do you live in a hopeful, positive, joyous state? You must be intentional and Create Your State by design, instead of letting it be dictated by your environment.  
  •  SUBSTANCE - This is what you are made of. You are what you EAT, so what are you made of? Fast food, coca cola, and fries? Or are you hydrated, nourished, and energized? You must Secure Your Substance through consistency with simple, practical, and realistic means.
  •  SHAPE - This is the quality of a distinct body. You only get one body and it is distinctly and purposefully yours. What level of quality do you treat it with? The level of quality that you treat your body with will determine the level of energy and shape it delivers back to you. You must Sculpt Your Shape by activity in the most convenient, implementable form possible. 
  •  SPARKLE - This is to shine or glisten. A diamond has high value because it sparkles and it only sparkles because it takes in light and reflects it out in all directions. Are you a sparkling river in which light flows through? Or are you a dull reservoir holding in your light. You must Release Your Sparkle through encouraging and uplifting those around you.  
Weekly Challenge Ascension With Kaelin
Every week during the Challenge, I will drop a new weight loss training bomb on you!

Each drop will align with a "4 Focus" including "tactical" and “big picture” weight loss strategies that will build on each other and ascend you from Week 1, through Week 4 of your Challenge! It's time you look so hot your husband won't be able to keep his eyes off you! 

These are NEW exclusive training's that are specifically created to help you navigate through the 28-Day Challenge and crush through any barriers you face week by week so you can finally look in the mirror with your head held high CONFIDENT & PROUD of what you've accomplished. 
“Blocking Method” Challenge Meal Plan
  •  MEAL PLAN - Fully built out and planned with weeks of DELICIOUS easy-to-make meals plans (for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks).
  •  COOKING TUTORIAL VIDEOS - Every ridiculously delicious "Blocking Method" recipe comes with an easy and simple cooking tutorial video showing you how simple and easy to make they actually are...(watch and follow along with the video as you make each meal)
  •  GROCERY LISTPre-planned budget-conscious Challenge Grocery Lists for each week, to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need. No need to think, just go down the list and you're good to go.
  •  SIMPLE & EASY - No culinary arts degree required. You don't need to be a master chef or spend hours in the kitchen to make this happen. 
“AfterBurn At  Home” Challenge Workout Plan 
  •  TAP INTO THE AFTERBURN EFFECT - Full spread of pre-planned hand picked workouts allowing you to tap into the coveted "Afterburn Effect".
  •  NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED - ALL workouts can be done at home, with NO special exercise equipment or gym equipment needed!
  •  NO GYM MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED - Workout convien
  •  ASCENDING WORKOUT PLAN  - No crazy iron man workouts. Start where your comfortable and work your way up as your body acclimates. 
Special Offer For Those Who Upgrade To The Physical Package!
The LadyBoss Ultimate Weight Loss Cookbook!
Over 165 Ridiculously Delicious Healthy Recipes & Cooking Tutorial Videos Every Woman Needs To Have
  •  High quality counter-top worthy hard copy with 142 pages of full-color, easy-to-follow recipes!
  •  All 165 hand-crafted, hand-picked recipes were accumulated over the last 7 years personally by Kaelin because she actually used them to lose the weight and keep it off.
  •  Every. Single. Recipe. Has a corresponding link to a beautiful video tutorial you can easily follow along with.    
  •  Experience easy-to-make culinary bliss with common “everyday” ingredients found in any typical kitchen. 
  •  Choose from mind-bendingly-brilliant healthy Breakfasts, shockingly satisfying Lunches, and delectably delicious Dinners 
  •  Includes “No Cook” & "On-The-Go" recipes you can make in under 5 minutes! 
 Video Tutorial For Every Recipe!
Physical Copy Of Your 103 Page LIVE Challenge Playbook 
In Hand Copy Of Your Challenge Playbook: 103 beautiful full color pages in your hands to flip through and reference throughout the LIVE Challenge. You are going to LOVE having this in your hands ready to go! Day by day page by page you will easily flip through and be on your way to crushing the LIVE Challenge!

Physical Copy Of Your LIVE Challenge Roadmap  
In Hand Copy Of Your Challenge Roadmap: Hang it up on your fridge or mirror! Check it off with a marker day by day. Stay accountable and easily follow along using your Physical Challenge Roadmap.
Hard Copy of “Big Fat Lies” 
What if I told you…
  •  Carbs are NOT bad for you? 
  •  You need to eat fat to burn fat? 
  •  There's a way to exercise that burns fat for the next 3 days while you sit on the couch? 
  •  Calorie counting is a MYTH...and that you can lose weight by eating MORE? 
Want a physical paperback copy of “Big Fat Lies” that you can actually hold in your hands, flip through page-by-page, highlight KEY areas, and make notes in the margins?

I’m going to ship "Big Fat Lies" straight to your front door, so you can learn the TRUTH behind all of these concepts and MUCH MUCH MORE....
3-Day LEAN Shake - Supplement Sample Pack
Imagine getting LEAN while sipping on a creamy, delicious premium nutritional shake that tastes like a magical slice of vanilla birthday cake… 

Yeah, it’s tastes that good...

I’m going to send you a 3-day supply of our most popular women’s nutritional shake, called LEAN.

I want you to experience what it FEELS LIKE to have these science-backed weight loss ingredients working for you inside your body…

And I want you to have a guilt-free “go-to” cravings-buster that tastes literally like you just ordered dessert... 
" Save Money By Replacing Your Breakfast, Get More Protein, Boost Your Immune System, Control Sweet Cravings, And Promote Digestive Health ALL At The Same Time!"
Premium Protein For Women - All-In-One Nutritional Shake
  •  17 Grams Of High Quality Non GMO Grass-Fed Protein
  •  Low Sugar
  •  No Junk Added
  •  Gluten Free
  •  No Artificial Sweeteners
  •  Soy Free
  •  RBGH Free
3-Day FUEL Energy Supplement Sample Pack
I’m also going to send you a 3-day supply of our highly acclaimed pre workout and energy supplement, called FUEL. With 3 Proprietary Matrix Blends Housing 15 Synergistic Ingredients,
Drinking FUEL is like having thousands of motivational speakers running through your body so you can take on your workout or your busy day like the energizer bunny! ...or something like that.
"Helps Increase Energy, Boost And Supports Workout Motivation, May Help With Fat Loss, Supports Optimized Focus, and May Lower Stress Hormones."
FUEL Is Extra Effective If: 
  •  Your Struggle To Get Motivated To Workout 
  •  Optimizes Focus Some Days You Can't Seem To Stay Focused At The Gym 
  •  Stress Is Holding You Back 
  •  Your Energy Levels Are Low And You Need A Boost
#1 Bestseller - “Big Fat Lies” Audiobook 
Get INSTANT ACCESS to the audio version of this book, so you can download and start listening TODAY!

Whether you’re just trying to figure out how to lose weight, or you’ve tried everything… 

...or you have a pretty good idea how to lose weight, but you just can’t seem to stick with it…
"How Everything You've Been Told About Losing Weight Is Full Of Lies And The TRUTH That Helped Me Lose 65 Pounds Without Giving Up Pizza And Ice Cream..."
You need to know the TRUTH.

Every woman deserves to know the weight loss lies that they’ve bought into, and how to overcome them. 

It doesn’t matter if you have 10, or 50, or more than 100 pounds to lose… 

Everything that I’ve learned over the last 5 years through my own journey, and helping millions of other women to lose weight, I’ve compiled into a simple formula that you’ll learn when you listen to this audiobook.
You Literally Have Nothing To Lose...
Enrollment Open For 
May 13th, 2019 Group!
Enrollment Closes In:
 28 Day LIVE Challenge 100% Satisfaction
 Money Back Guarantee 
If you go through the program and at the end you feel like it didn't help you or you didn't get the results you want, we think its only fair that you get your money back. As long as you participated in the LIVE Challenge each week you are 100% covered. Either you get results or you get your money back! 
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