It’s HERE! An Easy Way To Keep Your Body Operating In Its prime State To Meet Your Weight Loss Goals. Formulated Specifically For Women, A Delicious BCAA & Endurance Total Body Workout Recovery Drink With The Most Important Amino Acids Your Muscles Need To RECOVER After Exercise.

RECOVER’s Proprietary Amino & Electrolyte Blends are powered by science to help increase endurance, reduce occasional muscle soreness, enhance muscle recovery post workout, and 
support lean muscle tissue.*

Help Your Body RECOVER! Whether you’re just getting back into working out or you’re a seasoned pro, the real weight loss magic happens while your muscles are recovering from a great workout.

Help Your Body RECOVER!
Whether you’re just getting back into working out or you’re a seasoned pro, the real weight loss magic happens while your muscles are recovering from a great workout.

Reduce Occasional  Muscle Soreness & Shortcut Post-Workout Muscle
Recovery Time So You Can STOP Stopping! This Delicious Total Body Muscle Recovery Drink For Women Is Perfect For Those Who Need Extra Support And
Endurance To Keep Their Bodies From Burning Out Too Fast

“Drinking RECOVER is like sending your body on an exotic spa day in Thailand to relax and rejuvenate quickly in order to reap maximum possible results from every workout. Okay maybe not EXACTLY like that…but close enough…”

Reduce Occasional Muscle Soreness*

Spend less time being sore after your workout and more time feeling good! Thanks to a premium blend of amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, RECOVER supplementation supports healthy insulin levels which aid in the storage of nutrients to recover from training. 

Enhance Post Workout Muscle Recovery*

Give your body the best when it comes to your muscles recovering from exercise. With the help of other amino acids like Citrulline Malate during exercise recovery, phosphocreatine stores are repleted at an enhanced rate which supports ATP production in a shorter period of time.*

Support Fat Burning Lean Muscle Tissue* 

Just by having lean muscle tissue on your body, extra calories are burned whether you're exercising or not. That's why RECOVER contains the conditionally essential amino acid Glutamine in its proprietary formula. Acting as an anti-catabolic, it helps support healthy muscles to maximize fat burning potential.*

Plays Key Role In Supplying Muscular Energy*

The Proprietary Amino blend in RECOVER acts as a source of energy during stressful conditions, signals your body to take up nutrients, and improves body composition by increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat mass.* That means more energy at the cellular level when you need it most.

Use Anytime*

Drink RECOVER in the morning, during your workout, and before you go to bed for maximum benefits. Allow your body to soak up and benefit from its recovering properties at all hours. Mix it with LadyBoss FUEL for enhanced flavor and twice the benefits!

Powered By Science.

Formulated For Women.


Also known as Vitamin B6, pyridoxine is a water soluble vitamin that’s critical for metabolizing of all three major macronutrients. Having recommended levels of B6 leads to increased in performance and supports health as well as quality of life.* 


Known as the branched chain amino acids (BCAA). They are implicated in muscle growth and recovery. They act as a source of energy during stressful conditions, signal your body to take 
up nutrients, and improve body composition by increasing muscle mass and decreasing fat mass.* Also, when energy stores are depleted,they support healthy muscle tissue. After a bout of exercise, BCAA supplementation supports healthy circulating insulin levels which aid in the storage of nutrients to recover your muscles from training.


A conditionally essential amino acid that supports healthy muscles and promotes gut health. By supplementing glutamine, you decrease your body’s need to make it from other amino acids, which provides building blocks for other necessary biochemical functions. 


A naturally occurring amino acid, and one of the three dietary amino acids. Citrulline increases physical performance, increases our endurance during intense exercise, and is also shown to decrease occasional muscle soreness. Citrulline decreases fatigue by increasing the rate that muscles can produce ATP, the fuel muscles use to contract during exercise. Further, during exercise recovery, phosphocreatine stores are repleted at an enhanced rate which leads to higher ATP stores in a shorter period of time. Not only that, Citrulline enhances the use of other amino acids during exercise. 


An effective combination of electrolytes found in oral rehydration solutions for the prevention of occasional thirst, muscular fatigue, and cramping. Sodium is required for the retention of the water we drink. When sodium levels get too low, our cells begin to swell. Potassium is required to help prevent occasional muscle fatigue and cramping, The citrate is required to help prevent acidosis associated with dehydration which impairs basic metabolic functions.


As you can see: LadyBoss RECOVER can be a breakthrough for any woman. We are extremely proud. The formula is loaded with high-quality, premium, effective ingredients powered by science. Literally overflowing with results oriented ingredients for women.

See, all of the incredible women from the LadyBoss Community gave me the idea! Our team here at LadyBoss has spent over 16 months working with doctors and experts to create the BEST total body recovery drink for women. Are you ready to try it?

It’s SUPER EASY. Just mix 1 scoop of delicious watermelon candy flavored RECOVER powder into a glass or shaker bottle and drink in the morning, during your workout, or before you go to bed. Let your sore and worn out body soak up essential amino acids and electrolytes all day long.

Know this… we’ve literally reviewed hundreds of formula variations to make sure that LadyBoss RECOVER is safe and effective without sacrificing quality.

We are known to sell out pretty frequently, so if you can still see this page, that means we have a fresh batch ready to ship to you!

Here it is. A simple way optimize results and help the muscle healing process. Increase endurance, reduce occasional muscle soreness, enhance post workout muscle recovery, and support lean muscle tissue.

The 100% No-Risk Promise

Order right now with confidence!

Try it out for 30 days and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back!

There’s absolutely no-risk in giving it a try.
Even if you just don’t like the flavor, you can get your money back!

Breathe deep. You don’t have to rush into a decision now. 

Just try your 30 day supply of RECOVER first. Put it to the test. See if you feel the recovering properties from the premium ingredients made specifically for women. Order today, and you’ve still got four weeks to think about it. Decide when you’re ready. I’ll still give you a full 100% refund of every single penny.  

You might think: “What if someone finishes the bottle, and still asks for a refund?” Yes, you’re right. I’m sure that happens. It’s okay with us. We give a full refund to any woman who asks. All feedback means a lot to us. It helps us make better products for you next time.

RECOVER - Customer Screenshot 7

So, if you care about your time: I’ve already done the dirty work. I’ve met with doctors. I’ve met with clients. I’ve screened nutritionists, manufacturers, and even medicine men (and women) from all over. I’ve researched the Indian superfood herbs that improve performance. I’ve located the exotic Chinese roots that create an optimal fat burning environment.

Then I bargained. I struck deals with with the best producers. It wasn’t easy. 100% Highest Quality was a must-have for every premium morsel. I believe every LadyBoss deserves the best. After all, this is the product I take every single day! 

So you be the judge. Try RECOVER for the next few weeks. See if it really makes a difference for you. If you decide you don’t like it, I’ll give you ALL your money back. Every last penny… even if you used it all. No questions asked. It’s absolutely risk free. You’ve got nothing to lose. That’s my 100% guaranteed risk-free trial. Click below. Try it today.  

Kaelin Tuell Poulin
LadyBoss Founder
Best Selling Author
Fitness Professional


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LadyBoss LABS is a premium nutrition company that provides high quality weight loss supplements formulated specifically for women. We have the highest standards and quality practices, from the raw materials we use to formulation and manufacturing, each and every active ingredient we provide is selected based upon scientific research and study.


Kaelin Tuell Poulin is an award-winning fitness professional, best selling author, and weight loss expert who personally went through a weight loss transformation. Through her own journey she realized her calling in life was to help other women. In 2014 she founded LadyBoss. The LadyBoss mission is simple. Help women across the world lose weight while loving themselves again. Over 100,000+ women have already made the decision to become a LadyBoss and their lives have never been the same. LABS is just one part of the LadyBoss movement. More LadyBoss programs can be found at

Kaelin Tuell Poulin is an award-winning fitness professional, best selling author, and weight loss expert who personally lost 65 pounds in 7 months. The founder of The LadyBoss® Movement, her LadyBoss® Formula has helped tens of thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

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LadyBoss LABS Supplements 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Return Policy
Updated 8/26/2019

LadyBoss LABS strives to keep you totally fulfilled and satisfied, which is why we offer a 30-day (from the date of delivery) money back guarantee. If at any point you decide that any of our products aren’t 100% satisfactory to you, remember you are protected by the highest standard 100% money-back guarantee. Just send back the product (even if the bottle/bag is empty) and we’ll refund you to the last penny, no questions asked. If inside 30 days of use, you are unhappy and would like a refund, here’s exactly what to do:

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To return your LadyBoss LABS, please contact LadyBoss customer support at 877-246-0781 or so that we can note your account and provide the return information. Please note that LadyBoss does not cover the return shipping. We do recommend you opt for tracking/confirmation numbers as LadyBoss is not responsible for lost/missing returns. 

LadyBoss must receive the bottle/bag within 30 days from the delivery date for the refund to be valid. Returns outside this time frame may not be refunded.  

We recommend that customers contact customer support prior to sending their product back to ensure the return qualifies for a refund. LadyBoss cannot return unqualified returns that are sent back to LadyBoss. Please reach out to us first at or call us at 877-246-0781

LADYBOSS is NOT responsible for stolen or lost packages, packages sent to the wrong address, or for refunding or replacing packages in these cases. The customer is responsible for filing all claims with the postal carrier. LadyBoss is not responsible for any package(s) once it is in the hands of USPS, FedEx, UPS or any other carriers. 

*Any order, domestic or international, that is returned to us for either having an insufficient address, wrong address, unclaimed, etc., the customer will have to pay for re-shipment of the package. We do not cover/reimburse for shipping costs for returns/exchanges. 

We do not offer wholesale and are not interested in distributor accounts. LABS Subscriptions are limited to two (2) active memberships at any given time. If you have any questions, please email

Once the refund request is approved, in all cases, refunds will be made ONLY via the original form of payment. Please note that it may take up to two (2) billing cycles for the refund credit to appear on your statement. 

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