You Are The Sum Of Your Five Closest People

Coach Jessica: BS, AAAI, ISMA

Jessica Peart is certified by both the American Aerobic Association International and the International Sports Medicine Association as a Master Personal Trainer, Master Group Fitness Instructor, Sports Nutrition Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Aqua Aerobics Instructor, and a Corrective Exercise Specialist. She also has a bachelor of science degree in business management. Jessica is a wife, mother, and dynamic leader who has made it her mission to help women live the life of their dreams. She is a national trainer of the year, entrepreneur and former business owner with more than 17 years of experience in health and fitness.
you are sum of friends

The Five People You Spend Time With Drive Your Success

Your success equals the sum of your friends.

If you are looking for ways to be successful in your weight loss journey (and in life, in general), you have certainly come to the right place! 

Did you know that you are the sum of the five closest people in your life?

The people surrounding you directly impact your success in every area of life. That includes your pursuit of losing weight.

The people you spend the most time with shape who you are. You are essentially the average of those five people. 

They determine what topics you think and talk about. They determine how you view life. And, they determine how you handle success or failure. They influence your self-esteem. Also, whether you are optimistic or pessimistic about the world around you. 

Surrounding yourself with positive friends and family is honestly the key to thriving. 

Evaluate Your Success. Evaluate Your Circle

Because you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, it is very important to evaluate them. It is important to evaluate those who surround you. It is important to choose people who will inspire, support, and uplift you throughout the course of your life.

You are the sum of your five closest friends, so why on earth would you choose anyone less than stellar to be in your inner circle? It can plainly be stated that you ARE your friends. 

In remembering that you are the average of the five closest people in your life, you might feel guilty if you realize you need to distance yourself from that negative friend (or even family member) who encourages you to eat junk food or skip the gym when they do. 

DON’T feel guilty. This is your life and you absolutely deserve to be surrounded by people who love you and believe in the highest version of yourself that you wish to become. 

Increase Your Success. Eliminate The Negativity

close friends

You know the old saying that “misery loves company,” right? If someone is miserable in their own skin and doesn’t have the desire or strength to make a change, why would you choose to let that person influence your health and weight loss journey? 

Stop and think about a person in your life that you know isn’t helping you achieve your goals. Who is it and how much time are you putting into that relationship? 

As hard as it may be, start putting less time into that relationship by saying “no thank you” to invitations or phone calls from them. Assessing who you need to start distancing yourself from is the first step to changing your circle of 5 friends. 

Find Your Success. Focus On The Positive

Now for the fun part  – putting energy into a relationship that helps you achieve your goals. 

Think about a person in your life who you feel good about being around. They make you smile and feel good about who you are and the choices you are making. 

For your success, give them a call! Set up time to do something together. Watch as that relationship starts to grow. Relationships are like plants – the ones we water grow. 

You might be thinking that you don’t have somebody in your life that you want to create a stronger relationship with. 

That’s OK. I have many “friends” that are not actually my friends, but the time I spend with them is incredibly valuable. 

I know you’re thinking “how does that work?”  Let me tell you – podcasts, books, or anything you can see or listen to can become a “friend.”  

I listen to books and podcasts in the car as I drive all the time. It is like somebody speaking positivity into my life and being the friend I need. Be careful of what you choose – those voices will become one of your 5 closest people. 

Join The LadyBoss Family

you are sum of friends

One of the most beautiful things about being part of the LadyBoss family is the community of helpful, supportive, and friendly women who stand by your side through thick and thin. While you may endure many struggles and setbacks while evolving into the best version of you, you will never have to do it alone or struggle in silence. 

When you do the Free 7 Day Experience, you will realize the tremendous value that the LadyBoss sisterhood has to offer, and you will gain lifelong friends who will support you every step of the way. 

Being a LadyBoss means being an honest, dedicated, powerful, brave, and authentic woman who stays accountable, determined, and enthusiastic about her health and fitness goals. 

Only those who are ready to thrive are encouraged to join this amazing community Because, negativity and criticism have no place here. Life is difficult enough without being surrounded by people who put you down and wish to see you give up on yourself. 

Make The Most Of Your Life

Surround yourself with only the best quality people that life has to offer. 

You need a support system of understanding, encouraging, friendly, and truthful people. Also, you need people who are also committed to self-improvement and growth. YOU need those kind of people if you wish to live the best life possible. 

There is NO LIMIT to what you can do in life, or what you can achieve when you make a promise to yourself to follow through with your goals and dreams. 

It is time to claim your success — your best life ever — with The Free 7 Day Experience. The LadyBoss Lifestyle will provide you with the nutrition, exercise, accountability, and encouragement you need to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off for good. 

Don’t sleep on your dreams, today is all you have! 

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