The Working Mom’s Guide To Losing Weight

Kaelin Tuell Poulin, LadyBoss Co-Founder, Weight Loss Expert, Best Selling Author

Kaelin Tuell Poulin is an award-winning fitness professional, best selling author, and weight loss expert who personally lost 65 pounds in 7 months. The founder of The LadyBoss Movement, her LadyBoss Formula has helped tens of thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.

In 2020, I filmed an ad for my business that talked to moms about my struggles with losing weight while having kids and a crazy life.

Apparently, the message hit home because at the time of writing this it has over 4.5 MILLION views.

And that’s why I wanted to create this quick guide.

I wanted to show busy, working moms like you that it’s totally possible to lose weight without meal prepping, eating foods you hate, or living in the gym.

You just need to avoid the traps that most moms fall into:

Trap #1: The Time Suck:

Because most moms only eat when we have a free minute (which is never), our metabolisms slow down which causes our bodies to STORE calories rather than burn them.

That means when we finally get around to eating our kids’ leftovers inside their lunch boxes that all of those calories go straight to our hips.

In order to prevent this, we need to do two things:

  • Eat more frequently (so our body doesn’t think we’re starving)
  • Eat more protein (because it’s the #1 nutrient that speeds up our metabolisms)

But those answers usually cause us to try things like meal prepping…which lead us to:

Trap #2: The Unsustainable Habits:

Once busy moms hear they need to eat more frequently and get more protein they usually turn to meal prepping.

It sounds great in theory…but who can honestly commit to spending hours at the grocery store, prepping in the kitchen, and then sitting down to eat six meals a day?

I’ve tried it plenty of times and I’ve ALWAYS failed…because it’s just not sustainable.

Time is just NOT an asset working moms have loads of…so we try to find a different path to success.

And that’s when we turn to the gym…which leads us to:

Trap #3: The “If You Can’t Eat ‘Em, Burn ‘Em” Mentality

Since we can’t find the time to increase our metabolism by eating better foods more regularly, we think “I guess I can just burn more calories by going to the gym…that should put me in a deficit, right?”

Well, yes, you’ll be in a calorie deficit…but you’ll also be in an energy and happiness deficit too.

Sure, you might find the energy to do a few HIIT workouts…but after a couple days, you’ll be so tired you won’t be able to get yourself out of bed in the morning.

That’s when you throw your hands up and say “to hell with it, I’m destined for a life with mom-bod.”

But that just isn’t the truth…

It is totally possible for you to lose weight without meal prepping, eating foods you hate, or living in the gym…you just need someone to show you how.

And that’s exactly why I created my FREE webclass which teaches you how to do EXACTLY that.

I want to show you how I lost 65 pounds myself and helped more than 400,000 women do the same…and I’ll do it all for FREE.

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