The Best Weight Loss Program Makes Losing Weight Fun And Simple

Coach Amy, ACE, CNA, NESTA

Amy Mouw is a certified lifestyle and weight management coach, nutrition consultant and is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association. She’s also a life coach and has more than 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. As a wife and mom of four kiddos ages 1-17, Amy specializes in helping moms regain their confidence so they can be the best version of themselves while better serving their families.
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Trying to lose weight can be frustrating enough; that’s why a weight loss program should make it easier and more enjoyable.

I’ll never forget the moment I decided it was time for a complete lifestyle change. 

I was sick and tired of being overweight and the ripple effect of negativity that came with it. Staring down my feelings of inadequacy daily, I was feeling the fear that my husband no longer found me attractive. 

As a new mom, I should have been feeling overwhelming joy. Instead, I felt depressed, tired, and scared that being overweight would cause other health issues that might take me away from my family prematurely. 

The fear, shame, and guilt just kept piling up, and finally, I had enough. It was time to take control of my life. I decided it was time to lose weight and find an exercise program.

And then a new kind of fear hit me like a ton of bricks. 

“Where do I start?” 

“How do I know if I’m eating the right things?”

“How do I know if I’m working out enough?”

I was overwhelmed and wished there was a trusted “one-stop-shop” to which I could turn. 

The task of trying to find a weight loss program was overwhelming, and I nearly quit before I even began.  And don’t get me started on trying to find an exercise program.  

Trying to find a meal plan and workout routine that doesn’t take an advanced degree to understand should be simple. That’s why I am sharing what I learned during my weight loss journey to make finding a program more accessible.


What To Look For In A Weight Loss Program

There’s so much information out there that trying to figure out how to reach your weight loss goals can be so confusing!  One Google search and you find hundreds of diets that all claim to be the best for helping you lose weight fast.

A lot of fad weight-loss diets out there tend to take things to the extreme.  Some diets tell you to eliminate all carbs, and some tell you to eat nothing but fat and protein. 

Other diets tell you to cut your daily calories so low that it’s a miracle you’re able to get out of bed, let alone do a full exercise routine!  

You look at these diets, and the main question that comes up is, “How can I possibly maintain this and still have a life?” 

When you begin your weight loss planning, it is essential to keep things balanced and obtainable.  A good weight loss diet program should help you develop lifelong healthy habits, not just provide temporary weight loss tips.

What I have learned on my journey is that a weight loss program should strike a balance between a sensible diet and a sustainable exercise plan.  Do not overwhelm yourself with information that won’t get you closer to your goals.

If you feel it will help you to use a weight calculator and count macronutrients and calories so to get a better understanding of how much you eat throughout the day, then go for it!  But contrary to popular diet belief, counting calories and macros is not required to lose weight and get healthy.  

Finding what works for you is essential, and a good weight loss program should make your journey simple and easy to follow.

Weight Loss planner Apps

What Should I Look For In A Workout App?

Working out can be extremely intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before.  When I began my journey, I was terrified when I thought about starting any exercise program. 

Similar to the many claims that come with popular diet trends, there are also a lot of exercise programs out there that claim to be the best for helping you lose weight fast.  However, many of them do not consider your skill level or offer accommodations for previous injuries.  

Even what some consider the best workout apps out there still can be too much for a beginner.  So it is essential to do your research and be honest with yourself about your fitness level. 

If you do not have a lot of experience with exercise, you might even consider working with a personal trainer to get proper guidance.  Working with a trainer also helps keep you accountable and ensures that you will work out regularly.  

If you cannot afford a trainer, live in an area where that is not an option, or prefer to work independently, then a fitness and nutrition app is a great option. Some of the best fitness apps for women, such as LadyBoss’s Pocket Personal Trainer, can even be suitable substitutes for a personal trainer.  

I suggest trying out a few programs to find what works for you, look for a free workout app or one that offers a trial period to test it out.  Take your time, find one that fits your needs and experience level, and then don’t be afraid to dive into a regular exercise routine.  

Fitness Videos

What Are the Benefits of Fitness Videos?

Fitness videos can be extremely beneficial if you have never worked out before. The best workout videos are ones that help guide you through every single move.  

Learning proper form and breathing technique makes it less likely that you will get injured during exercise. Proper form is especially important if you are performing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) circuits, where the possibility of injury is heightened due to their fast-paced nature.  

While there are a lot of free workout videos available on the internet for you to explore, finding a credible source is vital.  Any videos providing exercise guidance should be from accredited programs with certified personal trainers as instructors.

When I began working out, I honestly had no clue what to do.  And as a new mother, I certainly had no extra time to sign up to work with an in-person trainer to get help with my workouts.  

That is why finding a program that also provides step-by-step fitness videos that guided me through each exercise was a lifesaver.  You do not want to begin a fitness routine only to get hurt early on because you made an improper move during the workout.

Learning how to perform an exercise correctly and effectively is essential to success on your weight loss journey. Find a fitness program that fits your level of experience and ensure that it provides guided videos to keep you injury-free.  

Remember, your fitness and health journey should be enjoyable and straightforward.  

Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes Do Not Mean Boring Recipes

When I began searching for a weight loss program, I kept coming across diet plans that were as bland as baby food.  How could anyone be expected to make this lifestyle change and stick to it when it wasn’t enjoyable?  

With enough research, I finally learned that healthy meal ideas do not mean boring, bland recipes.  Eating healthy should not mean you give up enjoying your food and savoring flavors.  

I discovered plenty of easy recipes that are both healthy and inexpensive to cook.  There are a ton of resources that provide healthy dinner recipes as single meals or family meals.  

The best healthy recipes should be satisfying, flavorful, and support your weight loss goals.  Sometimes all it takes are a few minor adjustments to what you already eat to get on the right path.  

Any meal plan should include recipes with a balance of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Our bodies require these nutrients to function correctly, and depriving it of any of these can cause low energy or brain fog.

Above all else, any meal plan you begin should include recipes that are incredibly flavorful and enjoyable.  Enjoying what you eat is vital for long term success on your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Coach

Should You Get A Weight Loss Coach?

The confusion and frustration of starting your weight loss journey can get overwhelming.  That is why considering a weight loss coaching program can be beneficial.

As I said before, when you are frustrated during your weight loss journey, you are more prone to quit.  Weight loss coaches can provide guidance and clarification on diet and exercise to avoid frustration.  

Also, having a weight loss coach can help the journey feel less daunting by having someone to guide you.  Humans are social beings; having someone with you during this journey can bring a sense of comfort.  

Of course, not everyone has time for an in-person weight loss coach.  Remember, when I started my journey, I was a new mom and working. I certainly did not have time to go to the gym.

That is why a program, such as the LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trainer, is great for women with limited time.  These programs connect you virtually to coaches while providing you with video motivation, meal plans, and workout routines you can perform at home.  

Weight Loss Community

Being Part of a Weight Loss Community

As is the case with having a weight loss coach, being part of a weight-loss community can be extremely rewarding.   I found it tremendously beneficial to be surrounded by awesome determined people on the same weight loss journey as myself.

When I began my weight loss program, I felt lost and lonely since no one else around me was trying to lose weight and get healthy. It was much harder back then to find a positive health community to join.  

Luckily, that is not the case today. Many weight loss programs and programs offer the opportunity to become part of a community of people on the same journey.  

A weight loss community offers you a place to be vulnerable, get support, and provide support to others going through the same process as you.  No one should feel lost or without support as they try to make a lifestyle change. 

With a weight loss community, you do not have to feel alone or without support.  

A Weight Loss Program Should Make Your Weight Loss Journey Simple

When you begin your weight loss journey, I know that it can be extremely daunting to start! That is why a weight loss program can be beneficial for helping you during the process.  

A great workout program can be a digital online program, a book, or a workout app.  Sometimes one program can come in the form of all three.  

Doing your research about what kind of program works best for you is essential to your success.  

Be open to your options, explore the variety of healthy recipes they offer, and their exercise program. It is also a great idea that the program has fitness videos to guide you to help avoid injury and bad form.

If you are feeling too overwhelmed by the journey, consider working with a weight loss coach.  Working with a coach can help make your path more clear and provide you with more direction.  

Becoming part of a weight loss community can also help make the journey much more manageable.  As I said, a lot of weight loss program programs include a community of people on the same journey as you.

Being able to interact with people on the same program as you through a weight loss community can be very advantageous.  With a community, you gain support, encouragement, guidance, and a place to be open about your struggles.  

I know deciding to finally take control of your life and the steps required toward a healthier lifestyle is intimidating.  I was there once myself, and not only is it intimidating, it can be very confusing and discouraging.  

That is why finding the best weight loss plan for you is crucial to your success.  Take time to research and understand what you’re looking for and what the programs offer. 


Finding A Weight Loss Program

Luckily there are a lot of great selections out there. Companies, such as LadyBoss Weight Loss, offer the one-stop-shop option for women that I wish was available when I began my journey. 

This journey is a personal one; it is one that you are taking for yourself.  However, that does not mean you have to take it alone. 

Find a weight loss program that connects you to others or offers you a plan that does not leave you frustrated and confused. 

Deciding to take control of your life and become healthier is not a temporary fix; it is a lifestyle change.  You deserve a healthier life, so give yourself the best tools and resources to help get you there.  

And no matter what, make sure that the journey is fun and simple.  Yes, you deserve a healthier life, but you also deserve to enjoy it.



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