Healthy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Healthy oatmeal cookies

Does the smell of warm oatmeal raisin cookies bring back fond memories of your childhood? Food often does. But you can’t be reaching for a handful of cookies and a cold milk chaser each time you feel a little down. We know where that leads! So why is it that we reach for the cookie […]

5 Ways to Incorporate Mind-Body Exercises Into Your Daily Workout

Mind-body connection

I want you to take a moment and think of a time you were super stressed out. Perhaps it was a job interview, the first time walking into the gym, having to speak in front of a large audience, being worried about a sick family member, a financial situation, or maybe something completely different. Have […]

What to Eat Before a Workout

Do you pregame before your workouts? An excellent pre-workout routine is a vital component to be able to kick some serious booty in the gym. I lay my gym clothes laid out. Then, I pick the best sneakers for the job. And I make sure I can listen to my favorite workout jams. No matter […]

Beginners Guide to Weight Lifting

Is there some unwritten gym rule I missed somewhere that says “barbells aren’t for women”? Somehow we’ve been led to believe that weight lifting for weight loss won’t get us the slender physique we chase. The moment I started training to compete in powerlifting I was met with fearful comments from friends, family, and clients. […]

4 Healthy Habits that will Benefit Your Life

Are you creating strong healthy habits?  Do you ever feel like you’re flailing around–as Kaelin would say, like a dog rolling around in the grass–in your health and weight loss journey?  You’re peaceful, then you’re too stressed to see straight. You prepare healthy food, then you fly by the seat of your pants to McDonald’s. […]

10 Steps to a Positive Body Image

The ‘picture of health’ is dimensionless, ageless, colorless, but definitively smiling. A healthy body doesn’t have an ideal look. Rather, it encompasses a positive attitude. You may have the most enviable body among women on the planet, but Sister, if you hate it, are you healthy? Whether or not you realize it, having a negative […]

3 HIIT Workouts to Burn Fat

HIIT workouts

High-Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is one of the hottest training methods in the fitness world today. As the name suggests, it’s intense and burns calories crazy fast. You’ve probably heard your girlfriends talking about lots of sweat and everyone’s favorite: burpees. Lots and lots of burpees. While they’re not totally off base, it’s important […]

Pregnancy Exercises: Tips, Guidelines, & Benefits

women working out while pregnant

Whether you are currently pregnant or considering expanding your family, you may be wondering what happens with your fitness goals after the two pink lines pop up on a pregnancy test.  I’m here to tell you, fitness can and should be incorporated into your baby-bearing routine! In fact, the Office of Women’s Health (OWH) recommends […]

Best Inner Thigh Exercises to Tone Your Legs

How to stop cravings - exercise

Genetics is mostly in charge when it comes to choosing the places on your body that store fat. Women tend to store extra fat in their hips, lower belly, and inner thighs. Although genetics can play a big part in the size and shape of your body, there are still ways to fight those pesky […]

13 High Protein Smoothie Recipes to Fuel Your Day

Protein smoothie recipes

Smoothies are a great pre- or post-workout meal, especially when they’re packed with protein. Whether you’re new to healthy smoothie recipes, or a seasoned veteran looking to shake it up a little with new protein smoothies, you’re in the right place! Come for a little spin with me to find your perfect match! With that, […]

Best Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

Healthy banana bread

I love me some deliciously moist and sweet banana bread, but it’s so hard to find recipes that aren’t overrun with unnecessary fats and sugars. For example, a recently viral celebrity banana bread recipe is laden with 500 calories, 22 grams of fat, and 73 grams of carbs in just one serving! Yikes! So, if […]

Easy Homemade Acai Bowl Recipe

Acai bowl recipe

What Exactly Is Acai? The acai fruit is a nutritional powerhouse! It’s linked to improving cognitive function, heart health, and even having anticancer properties. The berries are also known for health benefits that include improvements in skin quality, weight loss, and even exercise-induced muscle injury recovery! It’s no wonder then that adding this incredible berry […]

Counting Macronutrients 101: Understanding the Basics

Salad as a macronutrient

Truth: dieting is hard. It’s no secret that proper nutrition is a key component to any successful weight loss journey. But…diet, sigh. Hearing the word diet typically cues thoughts of restriction, followed by anxiety. If you’re serious about your weight loss journey – but the thought of giving up all of your favorite foods makes […]

Ways to Stop Food Cravings Fast

Donuts food cravings

As women, we know food cravings. Listen in on our conversations once and you’re undoubtedly going to hear us threatening murder for that piece of chocolate cake when “aunt flow” makes her week-long visit. Worse yet, try getting between us and the refrigerator six months into our pregnancy, hormones raging, and we know Ben and […]

6 Best Cardio Workouts for Women to Lose Weight

Cardio workouts are great for increasing your heart rate and losing weight. Learn the 6 best cardio workouts for women including jumping jacks and standing crunches. The Recommendations Heart pounding, sweat dripping, deep breathing, legs burning… Hey Lady, when was the last time you had a really good cardio workout? The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, […]