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Kaelin Tuell Poulin, LadyBoss Co-Founder, Weight Loss Expert, Best Selling Author

Kaelin Tuell Poulin is an award-winning fitness professional, best selling author, and weight loss expert who personally lost 65 pounds in 7 months. The founder of The LadyBoss Movement, her LadyBoss Formula has helped tens of thousands of women lose weight and keep it off forever.
Ultimate Transformation Academy LOGO

The LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy is a proven 6-step program to help rewire your “subconscious body” to achieve weight loss.

The Ultimate Transformation Academy is where you’ll learn to lose weight and keep the weight off permanently.

Have you ever found yourself standing in the kitchen with a bag of chips in your hand and wondered, “Wait, how’d I get here?”

Or have you ever been going about your day and suddenly a craving just overtakes you?  Before you know it, you’re in line at Cold Stone Creamery.

How about being stuck on the cycle of losing a few pounds, gaining it back, losing it again, then gaining it back again?

I have been through all of those things. 

For the longest time, I had no willpower to control cravings.  I would find myself standing in the pantry with a package of Chips Ahoy! in my hand and couldn’t remember even coming into the kitchen.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I committed to eating just one cookie, then suddenly half the package is empty. Seriously, how does that happen? 

Also, I was the queen of making excuses about my lack of consistency in my diet and exercise.   

I battled the ups and downs of weight loss for nearly six years.  Eventually, my motivation was non-existent, and my confidence was quickly waning.

Finally, I decided I wanted to end the cycle once and for all.  To do that, I had to realize why I kept failing again and again. 

The common denominator in it all, I realized, was me.  If my thoughts and habits did not change, how could I expect any weight loss program to work?

I realized that if anything was going to change, I had to change myself first.  So I set out to do just that. 

Over five years later, I’ve lost all my weight and managed to keep it off.  Now, instead of craving Chips Ahoy!, I crave fresh strawberries and blueberries.  

If I can do it, I know that any other woman can do it as well.  That’s why I created the LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy.

Imagine waking up, and instead of craving doughnuts, you crave working out! What a crazy notion, right? 

I would have thought it was a crazy idea as well until I learned how to change my life for good.  Now, that crazy notion is my daily life.

The Ultimate Transformation Academy is not just another weight loss program; this is a lifestyle program.

With the secrets I learned and put into the Ultimate Transformation Academy, I was able to meet my weight loss objectives and become a confident woman again.

Now, I want to share the secrets of ultimate transformation with you. 

Ultimate Transformation Academy WHAT IS UTA

What is the Ultimate Transformation Academy? 

The LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy is a six-step process proven to help rewire your “subconscious body” to conquer your weight loss goals and objectives, including overcoming food cravings and learning to love workouts.

Before I answer the question “What is the LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy,” I first need to answer another important one.  That question is, “What is the subconscious body?”                                            

Remember when I mentioned standing in the kitchen with cookies in your hand and not remembering how you got there? 

Or how a craving overcomes you with such intensity that you’re at Cold Stone Creamery before you know it? 

That lack of willpower and discipline is what I call the “subconscious body.”   

The subconscious body is 95% of where we operate from; it is where our data, experiences, and beliefs are stored. When you crave Oreos, your body may want Oreos with extreme intensity because of a past positive association.

If you turned to sweets for comfort in the past when you were experiencing stress, then your body stored that data.  That is why, if you feel stressed, you have an intense craving for sweets.

That default craving is the subconscious body at work, and that is what we want to rewire.

Rewiring Your Body and Mind

If you look at an iceberg, the part we see above the water is only 10% of the iceberg as a whole. That 10% above the surface of the ocean is the equivalent of our external conscious body.  

Underneath the surface is where 95% of the iceberg is.  That 95% we don’t see is the equivalent of our subconscious body. 

Until we learn to rewire that subconscious, we will continue to struggle with any weight loss program.  Rewiring the subconscious body for success is the core of the Ultimate Transformation Academy and the LadyBoss Lifestyle overall. 

During the Ultimate Transformation Academy, you will spend six weeks finding motivation and building accountability.  You will be rewiring your subconscious so you can find weight loss consistency for life.

When you rewire your subconscious brain, you will feel yourself pulled toward your goals instead of away.  Fitness and proper nutrition will no longer be things you dread but instead crave.

You will achieve consistency much more easily, and you’ll break the cycle of weight loss/weight gain once and for all.  From within, you’ll find a source of lasting motivation that will keep you going when you need it most.  

Best of all, you will look in the mirror and love the strong, confident woman you see smiling back at you. 

Ultimate Transformation Academy WHAT DO YOU GET

What Do I Get with the LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy?

When you join the LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy, it comes with unlimited access to the LadyBoss Weight Loss Vault, the UTA Workbook, motivational Videos, and much more.  

I designed all the products included with the Ultimate Transformation Academy to help you with each step of the process.  I know that motivation can become minimal at points on the journey; that’s why support is built right into the program. 

The first thing included when you join is unlimited access to the UTA Permanent Weight Loss Vault.  The weight loss vault provides you with limitless inspiration and ideas while on your transformation journey. 

That unlimited access to the weight loss vault continues even after you finish the Ultimate Transformation Academy. I know from experience that there will be times after you complete the program when you still need motivation and inspiration.

Having unlimited access to the weight loss vault ensures that you always have the inspiration and resources needed to help keep you on track. 

The Rewire Curriculum

Also included is the entire rewire curriculum in the UTA Workbook.  The UTA Workbook is where you will be spending the majority of your time during the journey.

While it is called a workbook, I would compare it more to a workbook/journal combination because you will be getting personal.  In the UTA Workbook, you will be writing down your goals and facing your fears.

Also included are Video Modules designed to help keep you on track, and downloadable materials to assist in accountability. All digital and downloadable content is easily accessible on a mobile device, tablet, or personal computer.  

Along with the accountability system, you will also have access to conference call recordings of certified coaches.  Each recording assists in solidifying the process as you begin rewiring your subconscious body.  

As I said, every part of the Ultimate Transformation System works to keep you moving forward during your journey.

I know it can get uncomfortable as you progress through the six weeks.  It certainly did for me! 

That is why I never want you to feel like you’re going through the process alone.  You should feel as if you always have support because, with the Ultimate Transformation Academy, you do.

Ultimate Transformation Academy 6 WEEKS

What Are The Six Steps of the Ultimate Transformation Academy?

The LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy is a six-week program designed to help rewire your subconscious body.  The six-weeks are organized as  ReAlign, ReSolve, ReConstruct, RePurpose, Renew, and ReWire.

Each week of the Ultimate Transformation Academy is a result of the six years I spent reading all the weight loss books I could get my hands on.  I also attended every health and fitness lecture I could and even enrolled in a few courses.

Everything I learned in those six years, I put into this weight loss program

Curated to help you realign and rewire your subconscious, each of the six weeks within this course is created to help you. The introductory week is ReAlign, followed by ReSolve, ReConstruct, RePurpose, Renew, and the final week ReWire

Within the program, you will be challenging yourself and the beliefs you have about yourself.  You will get personal and face the past, the present, and the dreams of your future. 

Find, Arrest, Replace, Condition is a model that’s part of week four and targets any specific bad habits that are holding you back.  Once you unearth those habits, you are then presented with a method to help change them for good.

Throughout the entire process, you will be working on controlling emotions and thought patterns that sabotage you and your success.  

Now, I want to take you through each step of the six-week program, so you have a greater understanding of what to expect each week.

UltimateTransformationAcademy ReAlign

ReAlign, The Ultimate Transformation Academy’s Introductory Week

The first week, also known as Module 1, of the Ultimate Transformation Academy is ReAlign.  

During this first week, you will begin diving into your UTA workbook.  This part of the workbook helps you start addressing your personal story.

Addressing your story within the workbook is where your new personal journey begins.  You will be encouraged to take time for yourself and take notes to help push through barriers.  

During week one, you will commit to yourself and no one else.  This journey you are about to embark on is a personal one that goes within yourself.

One of the main goals of UTA is to help you enhance relationships overall. However, the first and most important relationship to improve is the one you have with yourself.

As you begin to look at your habits and beliefs while writing in the UTA workbook, you will probably start to feel uncomfortable.  Those feelings are completely normal and valid; that is the purpose of the workbook and the program.

The goal is not to let those feelings stop you from moving forward with your journey.  Any uncomfortable feelings that arise are not roadblocks in your way; they are future milestones of what you were able to overcome.

During the first week, you will also gain access to videos, including an overview video that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the entire program.

There is also the ReAlign Video. Its purpose is to help begin to lay the groundwork of your Transformation Academy journey.  

Remember, the beginning is typically the hardest part of any journey.  But the effort you put in, no matter how uncomfortable, will be worth it in the end.

UltimateTransformationAcademy ReSolve

ReSolve, Week Two of the Ultimate Transformation Academy

Module 2 of the Ultimate Transformation Academy is all about ReSolve. I like to think of week two as “cleansing week.” 

During week two, you begin to address and overcome the emotional roadblocks you discovered in Module 1.  Through the UTA journal, you commit to letting go of the past and learn to say, “I am sorry” to yourself. 

You will address any past trauma that surfaces and begin the work to move past them. Again, this process will not be easy, be patient with yourself.

During Module 2, you also learn to create space for present awareness, awareness of your thoughts, your beliefs, and how they affect your day to day choices. 

You will challenge the relationship with yourself, taking it beyond saying, “I am sorry.”  The hardest step, though I believe the most important, is being able to say, “I love you” to the woman you see in the mirror.

During week two, you will begin telling that woman in the mirror that you do indeed love her. You cannot expect any weight loss program or life journey to work if you can’t love the woman you are, here and now.  

UltimateTransformationAcademy ReConstruct

ReConstruct, Week Three of the Ultimate Transformation Academy

During Module 3 of Ultimate Transformation Academy, you will learn how to ReConstruct. But before you can ReConstruct your life, you have to divorce your story. 

Divorcing your story means you will address the story you tell yourself and the world, then try to recognize any damaging lies in that story.  A story full of damaging lies hinders self-image and health, which holds you back from achieving goals. 

Once you divorce your story, you can then work to change your state.  In your UTA Journal, you will align with your truth, write it down, and then proceed to speak the truth into your life

You will practice changing your state of mind by listing ten things to change your state. The key to this list is to keep it positive; the positive self-talk will open the door to your new identity.   

Addressing your internal negative voice is another step you will make during week three.  You will write a letter to your inner critic, telling it how you do not need it in your life anymore.

From this point on, you are stepping forward into the truth of who you truly are.  

UltimateTransformationAcademy RePurpose

RePurpose, Week 4 of the Ultimate Transformation Academy

During Module 4 of the Ultimate Transformation Academy, you learn to RePurpose your life.  During this week, you will adjust your mind by improving your habits.  

As I mentioned before, it is during the RePurpose module that you work with the Find, Arrest, Replace, and Condition model. This model helps you find damaging behavior, address it, and replace it with behavior that better serves you.

This week, I tell you to “make it painful” when it comes to taking on your damaging behavior.  At this point, you should not be afraid to be completely honest with yourself, no matter how painful it is.

Often, damaging behavior links in our brains to pleasure.  Remember the example I gave earlier about eating sweets when we are stressed and how that affects the subconscious body?

You have to take on those damaging behaviors and replace them with positive, healthy associations.  By doing so, you eventually will link a healthy lifestyle to pleasure.  

The Beginning of a Healthy Lifestyle

Imagine that when you have a sweet craving, instead of cookies or baked goods, you are craving fresh fruit.  When you want a snack, instead of going for chips you will opt for fresh vegetables, because that is what sounds good to you.

Just remember that changing your habits does not happen overnight.  It takes consistency to achieve your goals.

The analogy I use in UTA is that of “cutting down the tree.”  Everyone knows that to cut down a tree with an axe, you have to swing more than once.  

Imagine if every person who tried to cut down a tree with an axe quit when it did not fall after the first swing.  We would never have built towns and cities!  

The same goes for your goals; you have to keep swinging.  You can’t try to change a bad habit once and then quit because the change did not overnight.

I will always be the first to tell you that the changes will not occur immediately. But with consistent swings, that tree will eventually come down. 

UltimateTransformationAcademy ReNew

ReNew, Week 5 of the Ultimate Transformation Academy

In Module 5 of the Ultimate Transformation Academy, we focus on how to ReNew.  The first step in that process is to take on the subject of fear.

Talking about fear is often touchy for a lot of people, even though it is a feeling everyone experiences daily.  Quite often, our bad habits and our inability to achieve personal goals are rooted in fear.

In the UTA workbook, you answer the questions, “What’s your greatest fear?” and “How has fear hindered your past?”.  Until you can confront your fears, you will not be able to release negative belief patterns.

By facing your fears, you take power back in your own life.  With that power, you can control your emotions and unlock healthy belief patterns.

Part of the process to rewire your mind is becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable truth.  You will face the reality of any damaging belief you have about yourself and replace it with a healthier view.  

While the idea of facing your fear may leave you feeling anxious, I encourage you to do it anyway.  I guarantee that on the other side of that fear is a proud, happier version of yourself who’s glad that you overcame it.

UltimateTransformationAcademy ReWrite

Rewire, The Sixth and Final Week of the Ultimate Transformation Academy

Module 6, the final of the Ultimate Transformation Academy, is when you ReWire.  In the sixth week, you lay the foundation to create a lasting change in your life.  

In your UTA Journal/Workbook, you address where you are still struggling and write out the new standards for your life.  You also create a personal manifesto for the new life of your dreams.  

By the end of your journey with the Transformation Academy, you will also find that consistency is more natural. Your goals no longer seem as daunting and unobtainable as they once were. 

At this point, you acknowledge how much work you’ve put into yourself because you now know that you are worth it.

Week six is when it is time to step into who you are.  You are a confident, strong woman who permits herself to live her best life.  

At this point in the program, I always find it essential to take time to write down at least seven things you have learned.  You can even do this before writing your manifesto so that you can make them part of your declaration.

By reviewing what you’ve learned, you can reflect on how far you’ve come and vow not to go backward.  Listing what you have learned also helps create a vision for the new journey you are now on.

You will also be encouraged to take a picture to show for your before and after transformation. You can then post your photos for the group in the LadyBoss community for other ladies to see, celebrate, and be inspired by!

I know that taking a picture can still be daunting for some of you, but don’t let it be.  Let that newfound confidence shine!

Remember that by week six, you have worked so hard on becoming the woman you are.  Never be afraid to show the world that radiant woman.

Following your completion of week six is the LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy Graduation

UltimateTransformationAcademy Complete

LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy Graduation!

Once you have completed ReAlign, ReSolve, ReConstruct, RePurpose, ReNew, and ReWire, you are ready for UTA Graduation.

The graduation ceremony is to celebrate both your body transformationweight loss, and mental transformation.  You’ve put a lot of work into yourself overall and you deserve all the praise that comes your way.

You will receive the LadyBoss UTA Certificate!  Great job! Now it is time to celebrate the woman you’ve become!

The LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy is not just a weight loss program; it is a lifestyle change.  It is about putting in the work to help you grow from who you are to who you are meant to be.

It is not about trying to solve temporary problems.  The Ultimate Transformation Academy gives you the tools to achieve permanent weight loss and lifelong confidence.

Celebrate yourself and all that you’ve accomplished and become.  UTA Graduation is the first day of the rest of your new, healthier life.

What the LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy Isn’t

I’ve spent a lot of time explaining what exactly the Ultimate Transformation Academy is.  However, I feel it is just as important to explain what the Ultimate Transformation Academy isn’t.

First, if you’re looking for a weight loss quick fix or a magic pill to shed weight, then the Ultimate Transformation Academy is not for you.  UTA is a program that spans six weeks, designed to provide you with lasting results.

The Ultimate Transformation Academy also is not another 6-12 week weight loss program with quick tips. It is not a program that gives you a list of body hacks or only addresses physical state either.

Most weight loss programs promise to give you 10x your results in a month.  If those programs do work,  they tend only to provide you with temporary physical transformation

With the Ultimate Transformation Academy, you don’t get just another workout plan and another meal plan that leaves you hungry and intimidated. The UTA is about educating you on fitness and nutrition so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Another difference is that Ultimate Transformation Academy focuses not only on your physical transformation and weight loss but also on your mental state.  

UTA helps you transform from the inside out by rewiring your subconscious body.  It challenges you to take on your negative self-talk and then replace it with a more positive voice.

Ultimate Transformation Academy also requires you to put in your effort; it only works if you do.  

So if you’re just looking for another quick weight loss program, as I said before, the Transformation Academy is most likely not for you.  It is a serious, six-week program that aims to help you achieve permanent weight loss.  

UltimateTransformationAcademy money back

What is the LadyBoss Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee for the LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy?

I am confident that the LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy will radically transform your life.  The methods of the UTA have changed the lives of thousands of women so far, mine included! 

But the UTA will not work if you don’t!  You have to be willing to commit 1-2 hours a week for six weeks to the UTA, and you will see the results.

As soon as you sign up, you will receive your LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy account login.  Your account login will grant you immediate access so you can begin when you’re ready. 

One of the best things about the Ultimate Transformation Academy is that you can do it at your own pace. There is also no specific start date that you have to adhere to, so there is no pressure on you to start if you’re not ready.

However, if you find that you are holding off on starting, evaluate if the reason for holding off is valid or if you’re afraid to start.  It is ok if you are scared or hesitant to start, that is normal.  

After all, the first step is yours and yours alone to take. 

Think of Your Health, Not Your Anxiety

When you’re feeling hesitant to begin, think about the healthier, more confident version of you that’s waiting at the end of the journey.

I am so confident that you will see results when you commit to the Ultimate Transformation Academy that I’ll give you 30 days to try it.  You also have the option of a full refund within the first 30 days if you’re not happy with the program.  

With that said, I’m sure by now you are wondering how much this all cost! 

The entire LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy, including the curriculum, workbook, and other added material, has a total value of $3,837, but you pay $297.  

Seriously, only $297.  Some people spend that much on coffee every month at Target!

The real value of the Ultimate Transformation Academy is never having to battle with trying to lose weight again.  The idea of living a healthy, confident life without ever reading another diet book is priceless. 

But with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying the Ultimate Transformation Academy.  

It’s time to invest in yourself because you’ve definitely earned it.

UltimateTransformationAcademy happy

The LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy Rewires Your Life For Long Term Weight Loss

The LadyBoss Ultimate Transformation Academy helps you rewire your subconscious body through a proven six-step process.

UTA does not aim to help you achieve weight loss goals with a quick fix or a magic pill.  It targets unhealthy habits and thought patterns that have prevented you from achieving your goals before.

When you rewire your subconscious body, you no longer struggle to control cravings.  You begin to crave exercise and healthy, nutritious food instead.  

You also have boundless motivation, confidence, and willpower to achieve your goals with consistency.  Long gone are the days of making excuses as to why you can’t achieve your goals or get to the gym.

The Ultimate Transformation Academy helps you achieve your objectives of being a radiant, confident woman.  

You deserve to look in the mirror and love the woman you see looking back at you. 

I do believe it is time to begin your transformation, lovely lady.



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