How to Make Abs Pop for Women

Kaelin Tuell Poulin, LadyBoss Co-Founder, Weight Loss Expert, Best Selling Author

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How To Make Abs Pop For Women

One of the most common subjects our LadyBoss Personal Results Coaches get asked is about how to make abs pop for women. And while there are plenty of tips to make your abs pop, our coaches will tell you that there is no guaranteed, fastest way to make your abs pop. 

The truth is, any tips to make your lower abs pop (and your obliques, and your upper abs) are going to require dedication and hard work on your part. That’s not to say that you aren’t already putting in some hard work.  But as anyone who knows how to get your abs to pop out and show more will tell you, it requires extra hard work and dedication.

So whether you’re just trying to lose that last bit of belly fat and learn how to make your lower abs pop or, if like most of us, you’re simply tired of Googling “how to get six-pack abs for women,” we’ve got you covered.   We’ve called on our LadyBoss Personal Results Coaches (aka our LadyBoss personal trainers), and they’ve agreed to help us out!  So here are the top three tips on how to get six-pack abs from a trainer. 

How to Make Abs Pop For Women: You’re Possibly Not Quite There Yet – Regarding Body Fat

Obviously, to have six-pack abs, you have to reduce your body fat. However, what our coaches see most often is that while women have lost body fat, they haven’t lost enough body fat to see their abdominal muscles. 

Typically, women need to get their body fat around 19% to begin seeing abdominal muscles. Then for them to really “pop,” your body fat should be around 16%. 

So next time you are at your local gym, ask the front desk if they have options for checking body fat. Depending on how thorough their method is, you may have to pay a small fee. But checking your body fat is not something you need to do every week. At most, our coaches suggest checking every other week or even just once a month. 

How To Make Abs Pop For Women: It’s Time For a Heart to Heart… About Your Diet

When women have dropped weight, are in the best shape of their life, but ask why they still cannot see their abs, it comes back to the body fat factor and our coaches say that’s when it’s time to “have a heart to heart” about diet. 

What that heart to heart usually entails is discussing honing in the diet. If you find you are in the boat of, “I’ve lost weight, I’m in great shape, what gives? Where are my abs?!” then perhaps it’s time to have your own heart to heart. 

Having that real-talk with yourself requires you to be deeply honest with yourself. Since you’ve been doing so well, have you maybe let an extra cheat meal slip into the mix? Has sugar shown back up in your coffee from time to time? What about alcohol? That extra glass of wine or a cocktail may quickly turn into 500+ calories, throwing you into a constant calorie surplus. A surplus that isn’t enough to perhaps make you gain the weight you lost back, but it certainly isn’t going to shed away that last bit of fat that your abs are so comfortable and cozy beneath. 

So get real with yourself regarding your diet, and see where maybe you can get your diet even cleaner than it already is. And be aware of the two Cs: cocktails and cheat meals. Cocktails, try to do without them.  As for cheat meals? Just keep them in check.

How To Make Abs Pop For Women: HIIT With Your Best Shot

You might already be a cardio queen, but have you upped the ante with HIIT? HIIT, which stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, is a combination of intense cardio and strength training.  HIIT is all about heart rate.  With the fierce burst of energy combined with minimal rest periods, you can guarantee that your heart rate will be up.  The old saying with HIIT is, “If you can talk when it’s over, you’re not doing it hard enough.” 

So why HIIT instead of just an all-out sprint on the treadmill? Because, again, it’s all about that heart rate.  HIIT elevates your heart rate, then lets it drop a little, then elevates it more.  The cycle repeats for at least 15 minutes.  What that effectively does is turn your body into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.  Not to mention that HIIT’s fat-burning effect lasts up to 36 hours after a workout, which is much longer than regular cardio. 

Add HIIT into your workout routine at least two to three times a week, along with a clean, honed-in diet, and you’ll see your abs sooner than you think! 

Making Those Abs Pop Comes Down To You

If you are still waiting for your abs to make an appearance, and you feel you’re doing everything right, then work on these three top tips and tricks from our Personal Results Coaching. Check your body fat percentage, always be honest with yourself about the state of your diet, and sweat, then sweat some more with HIIT.  

However, if for whatever reason you still find you can’t quite get to the place you want to be and are growing frustrated, maybe it is time to work one on one with a LadyBoss Personal Results Coach.  They can customize your strategy and help take you to that next level. 

The bottom line is to always remember one thing: Don’t give up on you and your goals; you’ve got this, lady.



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