How To Lose Weight Fast in a Healthy, Safe Way

Coach Rachael, MS, BS, ACSM, NASM

Rachael Meyer is a military spouse and mom of two boys. She earned her bachelor’s degree in health and physical education and her master’s degree in health promotion and exercise science. She is certified by both the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer. Rachael thrives on pursuing her passion for helping women reach their wellness goals.
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The Best Tips And Tricks To Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off For Good Without Damaging Your Metabolism

Have you ever wondered how to lose weight fast?

For most women, the answer is – undoubtedly, – “YES!” 

The keys to losing weight fast and keeping it off are to do so in a healthy way and in a way that doesn’t make you miserable. 

You must make sure not to damage your metabolism by making your body think you are in starvation mode. And you have to lose weight in a manner that doesn’t make you hate losing weight.

How To Lose Weight Fast By Understanding Yourself Better 

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I hear this from women all the time, “I need to lose weight fast.” Then they ask, “How can I lose weight fast?” 

The fast way to lose weight, the answers, are all here in this blog. 

Simply, losing weight fast is about understanding your body and the changes that need to be made to your lifestyle.

You must accurately and honestly evaluate the lifestyle you’ve been living and determine what is and isn’t working for you.

Every woman is different.

And, each will have different dietary and exercise requirements. But, the fundamentals of weight loss remain the same for all women.  

We must burn more calories than we take in. 

Maybe you have no idea where to begin. That is just fine!

With LadyBoss® Personal Results Coaching, you will be matched with your own double-certified, expert weight loss coach to help you reach your health and weight loss goals 24/7! 

The Best Way (Only Way) To Lose Weight Fast

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When talking about the best way to lose weight fast, the answer is simple. 

The best way – and only way – to lose weight fast is to take in fewer calories than you spend per day.

So, that gives you two options. Cut back on what you eat or burn more calories with exercise.

Physical exercise, such as cardio and weight training, helps you lose weight quickly, especially if your body is not used to it and especially if you don’t allow yourself to eat more than you already do.

As you lose weight, your progress might slow down as your body gets used to your new routine, but you need to keep ongoing. And, you need to count your calories.

Remember, weight loss isn’t about looking more beautiful. Actually, it is, but that’s not the highest priority. The objective of losing weight is a healthier lifestyle. Looking great is just an added bonus, the cherry on top!

You might need to tweak your nutrition and exercise along your journey if you hit a plateau, and that is why having a Personal Results Coach (Weight Loss Coach) is so important. 

Weight Gain Occurs When You Take in More Calories Than You Burn

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In today’s world, many of us have sedentary lifestyles and spend a good amount of time working at a desk or relaxing in front of the TV.

Adding in daily walks, trips to the gym, home exercises, and fun fitness classes can make the difference between obesity and healthy body weight. The object of weight loss is to do what you can with what you have and start from where you are.

You do not have to purchase any fancy home equipment or expensive meal plans to lose weight. You just have to get moving and fuel your body with healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. 

Fewer Calories Prevents Weight Gain 

Okay, so we now know that taking in fewer calories prevents you from gaining weight. Simple, right? There’s more to it, though.

You want to eat energy-dense foods that keep you feeling fuller longer.

When you feel full, you’ll be less likely to indulge. 

What are some nutrient-dense foods, you might be asking. Well, the healthy ones are things like nuts, seeds, and certain vegetables. You want to avoid deep-fried foods, filled with cheese, or heavy desserts. 

Energy density means the amount of energy stored in food.

More energy density means more fuel for your body. If you want to feel energized and healthy, choosing foods that are energy-dense is important. But, there is good energy and bad energy, good calories and empty calories.

High-density, high-quality foods are those low in simple sugars. And, quality foods do not need to have many calories to give your body the boost it needs. 

For meal and snack help, plus accountability, fitness, and nutrition, turn to the LadyBoss® Pocket Personal Trainer App. It’s free to join and a fabulous tool for all women looking to lose weight now. 

Using Physical Exercise To Lose Weight 

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Working out is an easy and fun way to burn fat.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to lose weight, you just have to get moving. Those dances in your kitchen when you broke a sweat? Those count as cardio workouts.

You can also do HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and cardio workouts to get your heart rate up and burn lots of calories. When you do this, it will help you to burn fat.

Get in the routine of doing this 3-5 times per week, and you will be well on your way to losing weight and keeping it off for good. 

If you need a fast and easy home workout and meal plan, your best bet is LadyBoss® Trim In 20. With everything you need to trim down at home, you will be well on your way to your goals when you get started now! And you will have tons of fun doing it! 

Weight Loss Is The Easy-er Part

You might be surprised to hear that losing weight is the easy part.

Anyone can lose weight by burning more calories than they consume, but keeping it off and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging.

After losing weight, many women feel comfortable about falling back into bad habits, because they forget how difficult the weight loss was. When you lose weight quickly, you might start to feel like you are depriving yourself of comfort foods and sweets, and be tempted to indulge as a way to treat yourself.

It is important to remember the weight loss tips you learned here and to make sure you continue to burn calories (and stay in a calorie deficit) with exercise and moderation.

The last thing you want is to undo your progress! 

Weight Gain Is Always A Danger When You Become Satisfied

Let’s explore this topic some more.

Why is weight gain a danger when you become satisfied? Not only can you forget the effort it took to lose the weight, but you might also forget how easy it can be to put the weight back on. Making better choices in regards to healthy eating and healthy habits can make all the difference. 

You must look at weight management and a healthy lifestyle as a lifelong commitment, and decide to make it one you will enjoy and do willingly.  You can’t look at it like a diet or deprivation, or you will soon go back to your old ways.

Cut back on greasy foods, soda, alcohol, desserts, and laziness, and look at those things as being “reserved for cheat days.” 

You can absolutely have one cheat meal a week on your cheat day. And, you can take a day or two off from exercise a week.

But you shouldn’t just indulge whenever you feel like it.

Losing Weight is – Theoretically – so Simple, Eat Fewer Calories than You Use

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You know how to lose weight fast, prevent weight gain, and enjoy weight management.

You understand that losing weight is about taking in fewer calories. And, that you do not need to deprive yourself or look at weight loss as a race and not a marathon. 

Anyone can lose weight fast. But again, maintaining it and feeling good is what truly matters. 

The expert, double-certified Personal Result Coaching team at LadyBoss® is waiting to help you throughout every single step of your journey, and you can be matched with your coach today to begin right away. 

Look at your weight loss journey as a fun and enjoyable challenge, and not a daunting or intimidating task. Do so, and you will feel amazing and inspire those around you to make better choices.

Today is your day to take back your life, so go make it happen!



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