Kaelin Tuell Poulin doesn’t miss an opportunity to work out. She’s a fan of high-intensity weight training; she looks forward to back and shoulder days. And while cardio is important, running is her least favorite athletic activity. But just 10 years ago, Kaelin Tuell was 19 years old and clinically obese at five feet two inches and 180 pounds.

It was a slap on the hand from Grandma after Tuell reached for another cookie at her family’s Christmas celebration in 2010 that would drive her to lose 65 pounds in seven months. And just a few years later, that journey would inspire her to launch a fitness business that’s grown to $32.4 million in 2018 revenue and hit No. 4 on Inc.‘s 2019 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

But first, she had to meet her future husband and co-founder, Brandon Poulin. The two met in 2013 at a marketing conference in Los Angeles. Then, after about a year, Tuell’s weight-loss journey sparked a moment of clarity for the couple and–over a set of side-by-side treadmills–the idea for LadyBoss began to take shape.

Today, the Albuquerque-based LadyBoss sells resources and tools to women looking to shed pounds. For $27 a month or $197 upfront, LadyBoss customers gain access to an app with meal plans, recipes, workout guides, and more. There’s also personal training and coaching, supplements, and gear–all sporting a neon pink LadyBoss logo.

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