Brandon and Kaelin Poulin met in 2013 while working for a weight loss company. They married less than two years later. When they decided to take an entrepreneurial leap together and launch their own business, they were struggling to afford groceries and make rent.

After dipping into their emergency stash of $1,000, they launched LadyBoss, an e-commerce site offering a weight loss system for women that spans supplements, merchandise, and digital services. Nearly four years later, it has grown to a multimillion-dollar business (projected to cross $30 million in sales this year) and it’s one of the fastest-growing e-commerce weight loss companies in the world.

Succeeding in e-commerce is a feat in itself. A widely-cited statistic purports that 80% of e-commerce startups fail, which makes the Poulins’ story all the more remarkable. I sat down with them to find out how they went from broke to eight-figures in three years.

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