Gym Bag Essentials According to LadyBoss Coaches

Coach Kate, BS, ACE, ACSTH

Kate Bielefeld is a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. She is an ICF certified coach practitioner by the Certified Coaches Alliance and the Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours program. She has a bachelor of science degree in exercise science and is a successful weight loss and behavior change coach. This powerlifting, coffee-chugging, mom of five has an expert knack for unlocking the untapped potential of the women she coaches. She’s helped hundreds of women reach their health and fitness goals so that they can live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives.
Gym bag essentials for her

Nothing kills the workout vibe like getting to the gym without all your gym bag essentials!

You know what I’m talking about, that pre-workout panic when you realize you forgot to pack your earbuds! You left your sock in the dryer. Or, you’ll be stealing sips from the grimy water fountain because you left your water bottle behind – again!

To compile this list of gym bag essentials, I polled fellow LadyBoss® Personal Results Coaches to see what fitness gear they include on their must-have lists. Below are some great suggestions for what to bring to the gym.

What to bring to the gym

What Do the Coaches Carry? 

What you put on the list of gym bag essentials differs from person to person. Here at LadyBoss® we’ve got a tribe of experienced coaches, with years of experience and an array of workout styles and preferences. Let’s see what each Coach says is on their must-pack list for what to bring to the gym.

Coach Amy

Favorite workouts: Circuit training, kickboxing, and anything dance-y.
In her gym bag: Dry shampoo, extra hair ties, deodorant, baby wipes, chapstick, gum, protein shaker with water and a ziplock bag of LadyBoss® LEAN , and extra water bottle.

Coach Angela

Favorite workouts: Everything! She loves it all!
In her gym bag: Water bottle, earbuds, headband/hat, journal, extra toiletries, and a change of clothes.

Coach Beckie

Favorite workouts: Anything weights related, she prefers the free weights.
In her gym bag: gloves, earphones, ponytail and headbands, sweat rag, water jug, fuel and recover, and an extra pair of panties!

Coach Christine

Favorite workouts: Calisthenics-bodyweight training, LadyBoss® Pocket Personal Trainer After Burn at Home workouts.
In her gym bag: Dry shampoo, chalk or rosin, KT tape, chapstick, and a shaker bottle for her LadyBoss® FUEL and RECOVER.

Coach Danielle

Favorite Workouts: Anything outside, especially functional pattern workouts, along with running and cycling.
In her gym bag: LadyBoss® RECOVER and LEAN, LadyBoss® water bottle, extra pair of socks and undies, body spray, lacrosse ball, workout journal to document her progression. And don’t forget the TUNES!

Coach Holly

Favorite workouts: Weight lifting.
In her gym bag: Headphones and workout log.

Coach Jackie

Favorite workouts: Back Day! She loves her rowing crew, too.
In her gym bag: Stainless steel water bottle, LadyBoss® Pocket Personal Trainer for strength training routine, TOMS natural deodorant, clean socks, ponytail holder, and LadyBoss® RECOVER.

Coach Jan

Favorite workouts: Zumba and pilates.
In her gym bag: Chapstick. 

Fitness gearCoach Jessica

Favorite workouts: Everything!
In her gym bag: Extra ponytail holders, headband (those baby hairs drive her bonkers!), nail file, gloves, AirPods, extra headphones, LadyBoss® FUEL, socks, and an extra pair of black leggings just in case!

Coach Kate

Favorite workouts: Powerlifting and HIIT.
In her gym bag: Purple weight-lifting belt, Inov8 Fastlift and Nike MetCon shoes, mouth guard, lifting straps, wrist wraps, chalk, knee-high socks, bluetooth headphones, and water bottle.

Coach Katie

Favorite workouts: Varied, high-intensity, functional movement.
In her gym bag: Jump rope and myofascial release tool.

Coach Rachael

Favorite workouts: Barre, Body Pump, Circuit Training, Yoga
In her gym bag: Earbuds, cell phone waistband, hair bands, water bottle, protein bar, lock for daily use lockers, travel size deodorant, and hand sanitizer.

Coach Sara

Favorite workouts: Leg Day! She LOVES the leg press.
In her gym bag: T-shirt, leggings, sports bra, extra undies, lots of socks, shoes, hair ties, deodorant, headphones, armband, snacks, nuts, and LadyBoss® LEAN and FUEL.

Coach Shanda

Favorite workouts: Lifting heavy things!
In her gym bag: Chapstick, arena strength booty bands, LadyBoss® LEAN, AirPods, phone with workout playlist ready, and Versa Gripps.

Coach Stephanie

Favorite workouts: Kickboxing.
In her gym bag: Dry shampoo, LadyBoss® LEAN, chapstick/lip gloss, extra socks, and a tennis racket.

Coach Susan

Favorite workouts: HIIT when time is limited, or hot yoga.
In her gym bag: A spare set of workout clothes (so she’s always prepared to get in a workout when her calendar opens up), extra pair of earbuds, hair tie, water, protein bar, almonds, and an apple.

KaelinWhat’s in Kaelin’s Bag? 

There’s absolutely no way you can write a blog post, sharing the best fitness gear to pack in your bag, without reaching out the LadyBoss® herself to give us the inside scoop on what she packs for success! 

If Kaelin Poulin can lead a tribe of more than 280,000 women to weight loss success, rock her mom duties, and make time for her own health and fitness, she knows how to pack the essentials! 

Here’s what you’ll find inside Kaelin’s gym bag:

  1. Extra ponytail holders
  2. Bobby pins
  3. Chapstick
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Face wipes
  6. Deodorant
  7. Stevia packets
  8. LadyBoss® FUEL, LEAN, and RECOVER in a triple-action shaker
  9. Headphones
  10. Extra pair of headphones in case her good pair dies (can’t workout without music)
  11. Spin shoes
  12. Small pouch for wedding rings
  13. The great book she’s reading
  14. Handgun 

Gym Bag Essentials for Her

Carrying a gym bag that’s packed with these gym bag essentials for beginners will help you meet your exercise goals. Everything you need to remember from what to wear, pulling your hair back, keeping yourself clean and fresh, to fueling your workout before and after goes in the bag! By taking the bag along, you’ll help cement your motivation and give you the means to take advantage when work-out opportunities pop up.



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