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Oftentimes, we leave the all-important stretching exercises out of our workouts. Great stretching routines can be the difference between a fulfilling workout and a workout that stops short. Did you know you can get a great stretching workout with yoga? For this reason, our highly-experienced coaches have come together to give you the best stretching and yoga tips. You’ll find yoga poses for beginners and static and active stretching routines. These articles contain everything from yoga tips for beginners to intense stretching workouts. Browse to see what our coaches have to offer, or search the exercises you’re most interested in.

10 Best Leg Exercises for Women

We’re here to take the dread out of leg day and set you on the course to get those more muscular, leaner legs! We’ve put together the best leg workouts for women just like you. No more fearing leg day, it’s time to embrace doing full-body exercise. 

Game on, Leg Day! 

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