How to Find Time to Exercise

Coach Shanda, NASM, CPT, BCS, PES, FNS

Shanda Yakich is a wife and mother of two young boys. She fell in love with health and fitness after her own transformation 20 years ago when she revamped her sedentary lifestyle to lose 30 pounds and cut her body fat in half. She knows the struggle of balancing family, career, and heath. She is triple certified in fitness, nutrition, and behavior change. Shanda is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer and a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.
How to find time to exercise

Have you ever asked yourself, how am I ever going to achieve my goals when I have absolutely no time to exercise? 

Do you tell yourself, I’m just too busy? I know the daily struggle! I’m married with two kids, work, and have a million other tasks on my plate. Let’s chat about how to find time to exercise. 

But first, let me tell you that exercise is like the fountain of youth. It is so important to stay active and exercise on a regular basis. Our bodies need it and crave it! 

Come on think about it, we get one body in our lifetime and it’s irreplaceable. Most people take better care of their cars with regular check-ups and maintenance than they do for their own bodies. 

Do you know all the benefits of regular exercise? 

  • Improves weight control
  • Reduces the risk of disease
  • Improves strength, joint health, and bone density
  • Enhances your mood
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Helps reduce stress

And I’m sure you’ve heard sitting is the new smoking. It’s true. Spending too much time sitting can increase your risk for heart disease and cancer. But the good news is that daily exercise can counteract those dangers.

Find Make Time to Exercise

Again, if you’re using the #1 excuse ‘I’m too busy, I don’t have time to exercise,’ I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN make time. If you keep telling yourself that you’re too busy then YEAH, you will always struggle with finding the time. 

Rephrase the negative words you have been telling yourself and focus on the positive. Now say, “I love my body and exercise is a priority for me. This will help you change your old habits that really come from your subconscious thoughts. It’s time to leave all those excuses behind!  

My Top 10 Tips on How to Find Time to Exercise

Set Your Alarm Clock 30 Minutes Earlier Every MorningFinding time to exercise - wake up early

Getting a quick workout done, even if it’s just 10 minutes in the morning will help rev up your metabolism and give you sustained energy all day long, help improve your memory and boost your brain power. Ultimately resulting in you getting more done and conquering your day. Wouldn’t that feel AWESOME

No More ‘Sofa Loafer’!

As you watch your favorite Netflix show throw in some fun and exercise. Get your booty off that sofa and do some squats, push-ups, lunges, planks or crunches every 5 minutes or so. Leave your exercise mat in your living room near your sofa as your constant reminder to move your body as you watch TV.

Multitask on the GO!Finding time to exercise - multitasking

As I am writing this guess where I am and what I’m doing??? I’m at the gym doing my cardio. Be a queen of multi tasking. That’s about the only way I get things done. Instead of sitting down and making a phone call, put those headphones on and take a walk while you chat. 

Delegate Duty

I know this is a tough one right? I’m a control freak myself. But, sometimes you have to let it go and trust others to get it done. Let’s talk household chores – your kids, spouse, or other family members can wash those dishes, fold the clothes, or clean the bathroom while you squeeze in a workout. Learn to delegate as much as you can so you can schedule some much-needed exercise time for yourself.

Make It a Family AffairWoman finding time to exercise

This is one of my favorites. This usually creates lots of laughter. Did you know that you burn lots of calories laughing! Schedule time for family exercise plans. Gear everyone up and go for a family bike ride, go to the park and play tag, take a mountain hike, go kayaking, or go to the beach and swim. I love letting my kids help me create an obstacle course in our backyard. We put on some music, set a timer and get to work!  We have so much fun and it brings us lots of laughs. It’s a win for everyone.

Workout Anywhere

Do you travel a lot? Did you know you can workout just about anywhere-  like your hotel room or local park with no equipment needed? YES! It is possible. I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine. I have a Personal Trainer right in my pocket. The LadyBoss® Personal Pocket Trainer gives me access to the many,many workouts that I can do anywhere with just my body weight. And these workouts kick my booty!!! The LadyBoss® Personal Pocket Trainer also has gym workouts, plus weekly meal plans with shopping lists.

Ditch Your CarFinding time to exercise - bike

Whenever it’s possible or feasible, walk, jog, or ride your bike to run errands. I have a client who had car troubles on a day she planned a gym workout. You know what she did … instead of saying “Oh well, I’ll just have to skip my workout,” she put her shoes on, rode her bike to the gym and made that workout happen. That’s how to get it done and not let excuses get in the way!  

Get in a 10-minute Workout

At home or at work, squeeze in a quick 10-minute sweat sesh. Set a timer and take a 10-minute workout break. Take a walk, do a quick circuit workout of squats, desk push-ups, and lunges, or go for a 10-minute lunchtime jog. To help you reach your weight loss goals you have to add in exercise and 10 minutes a day is totally doable.                                   

Turn Your Lunch Break into a Workout

Your work can wait. Take your lunch break! This is the perfect time to step away from your desk, take a break from work to get your heart pumping and burn some calories. You could walk to a nearby park and eat your lunch there. There’s no park or the weather is bad? Workout at work!  Bring a dumbbell set or a resistance band to work and crank out some squats, curls, or shoulder presses and burn calories right at your desk!

Clean up on Aisle 5

Turn your chores into a workout session. Crank up the tunes and go to town by sweeping faster, doing some calf raises while you’re washing the dishes, or drop and give me 20 push-ups in between folding all that laundry. Adding in exercise while cleaning will help keep your energy up and you’ll be surprised how much more you will accomplish. Plus, your house will be squeaky clean!

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Finding time to exercise in your day is possible!  Life is hectic and can take control of you, don’t let it! You take control of your day

You have to!! If you want it, you will make it happen. Your goals and dreams are so important and as women, we often lose ourselves to life, work, family, and friends.

We’re programmed to tend to others’ needs before our own. We feel selfish and guilty when we take time for ourselves. 

But you have to make time to take care of you. You get one body and one lifetime. Make the most of it. It’s time!!!



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