The Best No-Equipment Workouts You Can Do at Home

Coach Kate, BS, ACE, ACSTH

Kate Bielefeld is a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. She is an ICF certified coach practitioner by the Certified Coaches Alliance and the Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours program. She has a bachelor of science degree in exercise science and is a successful weight loss and behavior change coach. This powerlifting, coffee-chugging, mom of five has an expert knack for unlocking the untapped potential of the women she coaches. She’s helped hundreds of women reach their health and fitness goals so that they can live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives.
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The gym provides so many great exercise possibilities-with all the shiny pieces of equipment and the fancy machines, you’ve got everything right at your fingertips for your workout. But the gym isn’t always ideal. Most often, when my clients need a workout to do at home it’s because of time or fear.

A gym workout can mean blocking out more time than we have available during our day. Between the commute to the gym and back, the 30-60 minutes of workout time in the gym, and the post-workout shower-the time adds up! 

And for some, the equipment and machines can be extremely overwhelming to a newcomer. Not knowing where to start, how to use the equipment, or even if your capable of lifting the weight you choose is completely normal.

Home workouts with no equipment are a great option! Your body can be the ultimate piece of equipment. In fact, it’s the only piece of equipment you’ll need for the best at-home workout with exercises that target your entire body. 

This No-Equipment Workout is Great for Working Out at Home

In this equipment-free, full-body exercise, all you need is you, clear space to move around a bit, and about 20 minutes. 

When working out at home, remember to warm up before you begin your workout. Some easy, high-knee marching or some easy dancing are great cardio exercises at home. They get the muscles warmed up and ready for some work.

Here’s Your Workout to Do at Home:

Round 1: Complete each of the following exercises for 20 repetitions.

Rest for 2-3 minute.

Round 2: Complete the same exercises again for 15 repetitions. 

Rest for 2-3 minutes.

Round 3: Complete all of the exercises again for 12 repetitions. 


Be sure to cool-down and stretch out your muscles after you’ve finished. Cooldowns are important even when you’re working out at home.

Push-Ups, Narrow Width
no-equipment workout - pushup

How to Do Narrow-width Push-ups

  • Begin in plank, back is flat and core is tight
  • Hands placed directly under the shoulders
  • Inhale as you bend the elbows and lower down
  • Exhale as you press back up to starting plank position

Tip: Spread your fingers wide and grip the floor. The index fingers should point toward the front of the room. Be sure to keep the elbows pulling in toward the body, not flaring out to the sides.

Modification: You can modify this narrow-width push-up by performing the exercise on your knees.

no-equipment workout - burpee

How to Do a Burpee

  • Squat down
  • Hop back to plank
  • Hop back to squat
  • Jump up

Tip: When you hop back to squat, try widening your stance to keep your back aligned.

Modification: You can modify the burpee and eliminate hops back to plank and squat positions by simply stepping the feet back to plank and stepping the feet forward to squat. You can also eliminate the jump up by simply returning from the squat position back to standing with arms overhead.

Knee-to-elbow Crunch
no-equipment workout - knee to elbow crunch

How to Do Knee-to-elbow Crunch

  • Lie on your back with left leg extended and hovering about 3-6 inches above the floor
  • Interlace the fingertips behind your head
  • Exhale and pull your chest up so that your right knee and left elbow pull together
  • Repeat on the other side

Tip: To keep your spine safe, be sure that you are pulling your belly button toward your spine and your lower back is pressing into the floor.

Modification: Instead of hovering the extended leg, try bending your knee and placing your foot on the floor to stabilize. If you can’t extend the leg completely while keeping your lower back pressing into the floor, bend your knee and place your heel on the floor. 

no-equipment workout - superwomans

How to Do Superwomans

  • Begin by lying flat on your stomach
  • Squeeze your glutes lifting both feet off the floor and simultaneously lifting the chest away from the floor as arms reach out and up
  • Exhale pull your elbow back, drawing the shoulder blades together
  • Inhale and lower down

Tip: This is an excellent back exercise at home. Try not to jerk as you lift your upper and lower body from the floor. Keep the legs and feet together as if you are holding a sheet of paper between your feet.

Modification: You can leave the lower body on the floor as you perform the exercise with the upper body. Then switch and perform the lift with the lower body while the upper body is at rest on the floor.

Jump Squats
no-equipment workout - jump squats

How to Perform a Jump Squat

  • Inhale and squat down, bringing elbows to the knees
  • Exhale and jump up, driving the fingertips toward the ceiling

Tip: Remember to breathe.

Modification: To eliminate the jump simply reach the arms up as you come on to your toes.

Russian Twist
no-equipment workout - russian twists

How to Do a Russian Twist

  • Sit on your tailbone, legs together, knees bent, and feet off the floor
  • With fingers interlaced together and arms extended, rotate side to side
  • Use the abdominals to pull you from side to side

Tip: Keep the abdominal muscles tight, pulling your belly button toward your spine and your chest lifted. Resist the urge to slump round through the back.

Modification: You can modify this exercise by bending the elbows and “rowing” on one side and then the other.

Pike Push-Up
no-equipment workout - pike pushup

How to Do a Pike Push-up

  • Begin in the downward dog position
  • Inhale as you bend your elbows, crown of the head lowers toward the floor
  • Exhale as you press back up to the downward dog position, arms extended

Tip: Keep the body rigid, legs straight and hips high. Your body should look like a capital letter “A” from the side.

Modification: Try the exercise with feet in a wide stance for more stability.

Mountain Climbers
no-equipment workout - mountain climbers

How to Perform Mountain Climbers

  • Place hands directly under the shoulders
  • Quickly alternate bringing knees toward the chest in a running motion

Tip: Keep you back flat and your butt down. Gently gaze between your hands.

Modification: You can slow the movement down to a jog or walk pace, tapping the toe as you alternate the knee to chest motion.

You’ve Got Your Own Gym Everywhere You Go

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