4 Healthy Habits that will Benefit Your Life

Coach Jan, MS, BS, NASM, ACE

Jan Green is a personal trainer and health coach certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. She also has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a master’s degree in health promotion. Jan is passionate about helping others thrive. She’s dedicated to teaching that health, joy, and quality of life are inextricably connected. A true science geek who is unabashedly authentic, she’s a spunky mix of fact and fun.

Are you creating strong healthy habits?  Do you ever feel like you’re flailing around–as Kaelin would say, like a dog rolling around in the grass–in your health and weight loss journey? 

You’re peaceful, then you’re too stressed to see straight.

You prepare healthy food, then you fly by the seat of your pants to McDonald’s.

You workout, then you sleep in.

You’re sweet and kind, then… watch out.

Healthy Habits – Consistency is Key

The trajectory of your health hinges on your consistency in developing healthy habits. And consistency simply comes down to your daily routine. The following four simple actions will get you closer to those goals every day.

There are only four. 

Creating healthy habits can seem like a humongous tree towering over you, making you feel like your goal is just too big to accomplish. So, how can you cut down your towering “health” tree? 

You won’t achieve your healthy habits living in one day, but if you swing the ax 4 times daily, eventually the tree will fall. 

This personal philosophy is what inspired Kaelin to create “The 4.”

You can’t fall off the wagon if you follow The 4. 

You won’t get overwhelmed if you follow The 4. 

And you simply can’t fail if you complete The 4. 

These four healthy habits are things that a LadyBossⓇ strives to complete every single day as part of her routine. And if you simply do these four healthy habits, you will be blown away at what can happen to your body, your energy, and your life.

The Dimensions of The 4


This is the condition you live in. Do you live in a stressed, overwhelmed, anxious state? Or do you live in a hopeful, positive, joyous state? You choose. Be intentional and create your state by design.

Have a ‘Power Statement’

Why do you want to get healthy and lose weight? How deeply have you dug into that desire? Go Seven Levels Deep and continue to ask yourself ‘why’ to gain clarity about what drives you. 

In your Power Statement, you declare your goal, your desire, your capability, and your determination. Reading your power statement daily sets your intention and reconnects you with your why.

You are who you believe you are. And you will only achieve what you believe you will achieve.

Self-affirmations are scientifically-backed. Brain scans show activation in the brain where “positive valuation and self-related information processing” take place while people practice self-affirmation.


Ever feel that life has wound you so tight that you’re going to break? Girl, that’s a signal it’s time to unwind with some daily meditation!

Meditation can be practiced in a myriad of ways, but the typical elements include:

  • A distraction-free setting
  • A comfortable posture
  • Focused attention
  • A sense of openness mentally and emotionally

There’s scientific evidence that meditation reduces blood pressure, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcerative colitis flare-ups. Research also suggests that meditation helps fight against anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 

This is what you are made of. You must secure your substance through consistency with simple, practical, and realistic means.


Your beautiful body is about 60% of this substance, and every single cell, tissue, and organ within you needs it. That’s water, my Dear. Not Diet Coke. 

The LadyBossⓇ lifestyle promotes one gallon of water a day. Get to drinkin’!

  • Carry a water bottle! Kaelin recommends one with a straw for easy access.
  • Make water your beverage of choice. This will help you save money and lose weight!
  • Using a lime or lemon wedge can make it more palatable and help you drink more.

Eat Well

As I’m sure you’ve heard, you really are what you eat. You’re literally composed of the nutrients you consume. Eating quality proteins, vegetables, complex carbs, and healthy fats–the four blocks of the LadyBossⓇ Blocking Method–can help you to live longer and lower your risk for serious health problems like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

Want to make healthy eating easier? PREPARATION is the key!

  • Instead of fixating on restrictions, focus on adding in wholesome foods.
  • Keep more fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods at home and at work. Cut them up, put them in containers, prepare them!
  • Try the LadyBossⓇ Ultimate Weight-Loss Cookbook, and cook simple, convenient meals.
  • Be careful not to skip or delay meals. Don’t ignore feelings of hunger.
  • Relax and enjoy eating! Try to see eating fresh and wholesome foods as self-care, not a chore.


This is the quality of a distinct body. You only get one body and it is distinctly and purposefully yours. The level of quality that you treat your body with will determine the level of energy and shape it delivers back to you. You must sculpt your shape by activity in the most convenient, implementable form possible. 


Lemme guess, you’re sitting right now, aren’t you? (Full-disclosure: I’m sitting while typing this.) So, Lady, let’s get up and move!… 

… That was a nice break from sitting! Recent research suggests that adults spend ~60% or >8 hours of their awake time being sedentary!

With around 640 muscles and 206 bones, our bodies were designed to move. Yet, as a society, we’re moving less and less. What are you going to do to get up and move today? 

Breathe with Intention

You’re breathing right now, duh. But are you mindful of your breathing? Practices throughout history and modern research show that slowing and deepening your breath focuses your thoughts and takes cognitive space away from negative ruminations.

Also, deep diaphragmatic breathing, or belly breathing as some call it, promotes full oxygen exchange. Out with the old stale carbon dioxide, in with the new fresh oxygen!

A diamond has high value because it sparkles, and it only sparkles because it takes in light and reflects it out in all directions. You must release your sparkle through encouraging and uplifting those around you. Spreading joy and positivity are scientifically-backed healthy habits! 

Be Part of a Community

The LadyBossⓇ Community is what makes the LadyBossⓇ lifestyle so powerful. We’re thousands of women strong, all sharing our journey, and supporting one another.

And ‘spreading sparkle’ isn’t just a nice thing to do for others. New research shows that openly discussing positive life experiences leads to better well-being, higher life-satisfaction, and extra energy! 

Reach Out to Friends & Family

Is there someone that you’ve been thinking about, but haven’t connected with in a while? Reach out! Especially if you have something to thank them for.

Research demonstrates that gratitude is good for our bodies. It can strengthen your immune system, lower blood pressure, and even help motivate you to exercise and take better care of yourself!

Still feeling overwhelmed by these 4 healthy habits? The LadyBossⓇ Live 28 Day $19 Dollar Weightloss Challenge is an opportunity to be walked through each of the 4 dimensions of the LadyBossⓇ Lifestyle to help you build good health habits and the foundation you need.

And you won’t be alone! All participants go through the process together as a Squad! 



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